01 December 2011

Fragrances of the Season

As I surround myself with a little bit of Advent and Christmas everyday (both outwardly and inwardly) my mind turns to seasonal foods and of course two of my favorites--fattigman and Finnish pinwheels.
Awhile back I bought the equipment I needed to make fattigman and some other Nordic treats; this year I hope to be able to put them to use---even though I LOVE any excuse to go to Astoria--home of my fav bakery--I really can't go there everyday (or can I)?

What treats will you be baking this year? Do you have a family tradition of baking during this time of the year (or would you like to start one)? The thought of filling my home with the smells of cardamom, nutmeg and other spices makes me smile and makes me hungry too!

Advent Blessings from my home to yours,

Photo: photo taken earlier this year after one of those trips to Astoria. Shown: one Finnish pinwheel (yummy prune filling) and several fattigmann. China tea things and lace 'tabletopper' (which is now being used as a valance in our kitchen) are from my mom's collection. Since her death I have tried to surround myself with special items that remind me of her.

30 November 2011

Step by Step

Step by step, little by little. day by day our home is changing--
taking on the elements of the season of Light.
Step by step, little by little, day by day I pray my heart is changing too--
becoming more like Christ--the Reason for the season;
that would be the best gift I could give to my friends and family this year.

Advent Blessings,

Note: this almost finished wreath contains three things I LOVE: the colors light blue and white,
reindeer and snowflakes. What are your favorite colors to use at Christmas? What elements do you like to use in your home at Christmas time?

28 November 2011

Welcome Advent!

The beginning of Advent saw me at my sibling's home taking care of my dad. Together we spent many hours welcoming in this holy season, watching a Christmas pageant and other seasonal programming. Later that day, my DH and I made our way through a NW Oregon town where the town's firemen were busy stringing Christmas lights on the tall trees and putting out decorations which would be hung later. Finally, that evening found me savoring, with great delight, an Advent reflection in the Retreat book I am using.

I honestly must say, I am filled with great joy that Advent is here. As I put away our Thanksgiving decorations and begin to decorate the table with what will be an Advent wreath I cannot help but smile as I place items here and there. It is more than just the decorations--although I LOVE the outward things that mark the season; it is an inward joy at the chance to welcome Christ, again, into my heart and let His light shine through me to family, friends and those I meet.

How do you celebrate this season? Do you have snow yet?

Advent blessings, Aimee

Photo notes: No, we do not have snow yet--although the Cascades certainly do! But this past winter we did and this is a photo of the Old Scotch Church we went by on one of our historical church trips in the areas west and nw of Portland.
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