24 January 2014

A Mystery (Or Not)

Some photos don't tell the whole story...
They may leave you wanting to know more...
And more shall be revealed in time dear visitors.
But first...
The talk of the beach...
Do you see him?
There were two sharing the same tree.
This was yet another time I wished for a better zoom!
Still it was quite exciting:)

I LOVE it when the ocean is blue...

nothing like the sea on a sunny day in January.
Unfortunately north of here near Arch Cape there is a wildfire
and we are in a drought situation...
in winter when we usually have our fill of rain--
and snow in the mountains.
I missed this little arch first time around...
amazing how a few steps one way or another changes things.
But back to the beginning...
here's another photo of 'those' things pictured at the start of this post.
Now do you know what they are and what happened decades ago?
Perhaps this video will help.
Either way, I think you'll enjoy it--
I find our history fascinating...
such a wonderful world we live in!

 Have a great weekend!
Do you have plans?
I do...
but if I don't get some more tasks done today,
 my plans won't become a reality.
The above video can also be accessed here:
Video produced by Michael Durham.
Neskowin Beach
January 2014

20 January 2014

Treasures at the Seashore

This weekend was glorious!
Blue skies lifted our spirits;
sunshine warmed our bodies.
And beach treasures enriched our day....
I found this on our first day...
a treasure to decorate my granddaughter's sandcastles.
The amazing thing?
It was still there on the second day!

A coastal 'wishbone'--
how could we resist not making a wish?
One guess as to whose wish is coming true?
(of course love would have wished for her wish to come true)

Love the detail...


One of my favorite views looking out towards Cascade Head
(and to your right is Proposal Rock).
Not seen is the gorgeous long stretch of beach north of this rock.  
LOVE this place!
Not too far away is another beach--Cape Kiwanda.
Cape Kiwanda is the southernmost of the 'Three Capes'
and home of the Dory Fleet.
It is truly a gorgeous beach
(especially with the right lighting which is NOT midday when we were there--LOL).
I like it best during the week when the crowds thin
and the 'natives' abound:)
Here is a post I made a few years ago at this beach
(if you're a gull fan, you might like it)

And of course, one of our family treasures...
in case it isn't obvious,
she is running towards her 'treasure'--
Well since sunlight is streaming through my windows and blue skies are overhead,
it's time for me to find some more treasures (tempting)
or maybe just get some tasks done!
BTW, has anyone seen Disney's 'Frozen'?
Went to see it this last weekend with Small One.
There I devoured a whole lot of buttered popcorn (YUM),
loved the Nordic elements of the movie (fjords, trolls, crafts, etc.)
and the really nice musical soundtrack,
fought back tears at the end of the film 
(yes, really. I think I am in my second childhood--LOL)...
and had an all together amazing time!
But now, two days later,
I can't seem to get Elsa's song "Let It Go" out of my mind
(above link to Disney Animation video on You Tube).
Oh well, at least it replaces last week's reoccurring song
North Oregon Coast, Mid January 2014

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