26 July 2012

CoMpAnY CoMiNg!

Yes, company is coming
and in fact, they'll soon be here.
And what does that mean?
Well it means Aimee needs to spend far LESS time
 on the Internet blogging
time washing, cleaning and organizing so she'll be able to enjoy her company
and not STRESS out TOTALLY...
so no blogging (maybe, hopefully, possibly, definitely) for me until next Monday.
Do you think I can do it?
I have my doubts...


25 July 2012

The WORD on Wednesday: Thanksgiving at the Coast

 Not far from the Cape;
and north of the viewpoint,
is this area.
less crowded,
a good place to sit amidst  the long coastal grass and bid farewell to another day.
A good place to embrace the beautiful colors of the evening...
and walk along the beach
 or on the sand dunes above the surf.
A great place to watch  the small coastal community on the hillside 
glowing in the last rays of the setting sun.
An awesome place to be thankful for all we've been given.
But today I was reminded that every day should be a day of thanksgiving.
The WORD on Wednesday:

 O give thanks unto the LORD,
for He is good:
for His mercy endureth for ever...

Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

For He satisfieth the longing soul,
and filleth the hungry soul with goodness...

Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving,
and declare His works with rejoicing...
Psalm 107: 1, 8-9, 21-22 KJV

May your day be blessed
and may you fill it with thanksgiving.

some areas not far from the Cape

A thank you to Patty of http://morningramble.blogspot.com whose post reminded me this morning that EVERY day should be filled with gratitude to our Creator.

24 July 2012

At the Cape

A summer's evening at the Cape.
Dogs strolling the sand...
 Young people at play in the surf...
 and in the sky.
Surfers, sun bathers, sightseers...
we all share this place of beauty;
we all share this moment of time.  
 A precious moment spent together with the one I love at the Cape.
How will you spend your priceless moments today?
I will be doing household tasks,
processing the rest of the gooseberries,
hanging pink roses to dry,  
baking sugar cookies with lavender
and then who knows?

Wishing you a Tuesday of accomplished tasks,
shared love, much beauty and God's peace.

23 July 2012

At the Viewpoint

After our adventures in the Coast Range,
our evening at the Cape
we headed towards a favorite viewpoint.
 The view was spectacular--how can one not like the setting sun over the sea?
A crane stood in the pond below us and the wildflowers glowed in the last rays of sun.
And the birds?
 Well the birds quickly came to know that my hubby and I would do them no harm...
and came close enough that we could have reached out and touched them.
Had they let us
(but then we would have never done that,
being the type of humans birds can trust).
Does anyone know what kind of birds these are?
They were incredible!
Coming soon:
 more lavender farms (if you're interested),
lavender goodness (if I find time),
at the Cape (because I LOVE it there),
adventure in the coast range
(talk about roads less traveled)
and whatever else strikes my or your fancy.
I do take requests, you know:)

22 July 2012

The Dragonfly

Recently a small dragonfly landed on my hand creating a moment of magic
 in the midst of an ordinary day.
Days later a larger dragonfly played a game of take off and landing on our truck's antenna
that went on for minutes.
Daily these wonderful creatures fly over our ponds
 capturing my heart and inviting me to enjoy their dance--
the dance of nature.
Sometimes I wish I could join them;
and fly above the earth below.
Occasionally I wish we could communicate,
human to insect,
and I could know what they know.

I know what I'd ask this little guy,
do you?
If you could talk to any animal,
which one would you talk to
and what would you ask them?

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