24 July 2012

At the Cape

A summer's evening at the Cape.
Dogs strolling the sand...
 Young people at play in the surf...
 and in the sky.
Surfers, sun bathers, sightseers...
we all share this place of beauty;
we all share this moment of time.  
 A precious moment spent together with the one I love at the Cape.
How will you spend your priceless moments today?
I will be doing household tasks,
processing the rest of the gooseberries,
hanging pink roses to dry,  
baking sugar cookies with lavender
and then who knows?

Wishing you a Tuesday of accomplished tasks,
shared love, much beauty and God's peace.


♥ Helen said...

What a beautiful place, and lovely photos.

aimee said...

Thank you! I liked all the different kind of dogs there--they were fun to watch:)

by Teresa said...

Looooooooove all the photos, I miss the beach. We have reservations in October for 5 days there.. in our trailer. Fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thanks! It was an interesting place to shoot photos at--lots of action and yet a sense of peace too. Lots of great dogs...and people!
Lucky you on your upcoming trip! The 'off-season' is an awesome time to spend time at the beach:)

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