22 July 2012

The Dragonfly

Recently a small dragonfly landed on my hand creating a moment of magic
 in the midst of an ordinary day.
Days later a larger dragonfly played a game of take off and landing on our truck's antenna
that went on for minutes.
Daily these wonderful creatures fly over our ponds
 capturing my heart and inviting me to enjoy their dance--
the dance of nature.
Sometimes I wish I could join them;
and fly above the earth below.
Occasionally I wish we could communicate,
human to insect,
and I could know what they know.

I know what I'd ask this little guy,
do you?
If you could talk to any animal,
which one would you talk to
and what would you ask them?



by Teresa said...

I love dragonflies too.. when we sail on Waldo Lake during our camping trip, they often follow us as we glide along and it is.. magic. I'd ask an Eagle what it was like to soar over all of us and how it felt to be so wonderful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

That is SO awesome! I would love, love, love to see that! I really like dragonflies, can you tell?
Someday, hopefully, I will make it over to Waldo Lake--your descriptions of it and the photos I have seen of it are beautiful!
I like your answer--eagles are amazing! Two weekends ago we got to see one of their nests up in the foothills near Lincoln City.

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