15 December 2016

Utah: Part III

While we were in beautiful Utah, 
we had a chance to see this little one...

our VERY precious and adorable great-granddaughter!
Makes me wish we lived a LOT closer to see the milestones in her life. 

Amy's DMIL made us some amazing meals and, as I have said, has one of the sweetest hearts I've ever known! This simple dish tasted INCREDIBLE!! I wanted to keep eating and eating and eating; it was THAT good! And that tortilla right there? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the first tortilla I ever made with a press! 
It turned out MOST yummy-although it wasn't as perfect as my teacher's were:)

Later on, my DD's DMIL and my teacher, presented me with a birthday gift!
I was SO touched and deeply humbled. This is her very own personal tortilla press-the one she used all the time. I can hardly wait to use it and bless my family the way she does everyday:)
Whenever I look at it, I remember her and it makes me feel blessed!

On the way to see my son in 2007 or 2008, we went through a beautiful area in Utah. I took lots and lots of photos then, only to lose them. On the way back home, we went through that same area...
and, again, I fell in love with it!
But this time, I am getting some photos posted SO I can always look back and remember:)

The canyons of Utah blow me away. Since I had moved into the front seat by now, 
photos were a bit easier to take. Yea for autumn color :)

One of the interesting places we passed. 
Just like the lizard-beastie of Idaho, I would love to know more about this log cabin. 
NEED more data time:) 

One of the many, many water towers we passed going and coming on our journey. 

And another one...

One of the cornfields we passed. 
One of the many, many cornfields we passed!

Past their peak color, but always beautiful-
my beloved Aspen trees. 
How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways...

Next: Wyoming


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