08 July 2015

"M" is For..


Aimee has a new mission this summer
and that is to find and remove all excess clutter in her house,
along with any hidden (and visible) dust bunnies, grime and cobwebs.

One of her latest "weapons"?
A modified version of the "konmari" method
I first learned about this method on Helen of Norway's great blog--

Another "weapon" has been this site...
SO much of what I am reading on this site rings true...
having so much stuff makes me feel weighed down.

So far, I've hunted down and cleaned clothes that have been
hiding out in two armoires and in various storage bins for quite a few years now
OK, seven years now (when I quit my last job).

Most of them are clean now (blech--dust bunnies)...
Those with obvious tears, buttons missing, fading, etc., etc. I just threw away.
The others are in plastic bags ready to be sorted...

And now for a few other M's in my life before I resume my mission...
M is for...
many multicolored koi and their goofy sweet looking mouths.

M is also for my Man who decided to see his koi up close and personal on Daddy's Day this year.
He was feeding the fish when I took these pictures:)
Sometimes in the summer when it's hot he takes a swim in our koi pond.
It's definitely big enough and has multiple filters to keep it clean.

M is also for..

Around here Mmm comes in many colors .
blue blueberries,
yellow raspberries,
green gooseberries,
dark blackish red marionberries.
I repeat.
Perhaps I should make a fruit cobbler?
TOO late. The heat has dried up many berries.
Oh well...
maybe next year.

Well it's time to get back to my mission...
Wish me luck!

Blessings, Aimee
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