11 November 2013

Perplexed in Paradise

The calendar says it's mid autumn,
and normally I would accept that as fact.
After all my world is filled with the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows
I would expect at this time of the year.
But then I take a stroll around my garden
and everywhere I look
 I also see definite signs of spring and summer.
It is a bit confusing.  
I tell myself it's autumn--season of grayness, endless clouds, dark, cold,
thermal underwear and rain.
And I am OK with that
(well not really, but I can survive this latter half of autumn,
 and the coming winter...I think)
But then God, and my garden,
 decide to place special touches of spring and summer in my world.
And He even gives us a warmish, sunnier type of day
and I am left feeling confused
(but a whole lot blessed).
So I ask you...
is it autumn,
 as these maple leaves are telling me...
or spring,
 as the evergreen huckleberry buds would seem to indicate?

See what I mean?
SO many mixed signals here.



Well, even though I have lavender thinking it is summer
roses acting like it is summer;
 evergreen huckleberries and salal looking like they're enjoying a pretty spring day,
I am going with autumn because it's only then that the leaf rake
gets the BIG
work-out it had today:)
Anyone else perplexed in your little piece of paradise?
Wishing ALL of our veterans a very blessed Veterans Day!
Thank you for your service.
Our garden the last few days.
A lot of different Japanese maple leaves...
with some lilac and other leaves. 
Simplicity rose.
Our other camellia sasanqua
the one my DH tried to kill many years ago
snicker, snicker:) :)
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