11 November 2013

Perplexed in Paradise

The calendar says it's mid autumn,
and normally I would accept that as fact.
After all my world is filled with the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows
I would expect at this time of the year.
But then I take a stroll around my garden
and everywhere I look
 I also see definite signs of spring and summer.
It is a bit confusing.  
I tell myself it's autumn--season of grayness, endless clouds, dark, cold,
thermal underwear and rain.
And I am OK with that
(well not really, but I can survive this latter half of autumn,
 and the coming winter...I think)
But then God, and my garden,
 decide to place special touches of spring and summer in my world.
And He even gives us a warmish, sunnier type of day
and I am left feeling confused
(but a whole lot blessed).
So I ask you...
is it autumn,
 as these maple leaves are telling me...
or spring,
 as the evergreen huckleberry buds would seem to indicate?

See what I mean?
SO many mixed signals here.



Well, even though I have lavender thinking it is summer
roses acting like it is summer;
 evergreen huckleberries and salal looking like they're enjoying a pretty spring day,
I am going with autumn because it's only then that the leaf rake
gets the BIG
work-out it had today:)
Anyone else perplexed in your little piece of paradise?
Wishing ALL of our veterans a very blessed Veterans Day!
Thank you for your service.
Our garden the last few days.
A lot of different Japanese maple leaves...
with some lilac and other leaves. 
Simplicity rose.
Our other camellia sasanqua
the one my DH tried to kill many years ago
snicker, snicker:) :)


Teresa Kasner said...

I've got a similar thing going here on our farm. And I actually saw a rhodie in bloom in town! Silly stuff. But our plants are just not used to such a gorgeous autumn!! Enjoy it while it's there! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda W. said...

Our warm dry autumn is confusing the plant life. I'm ready for some cold rainy weather, because I want our mountains to get some SNOW! I want to go skiing! :)

Terri Buster said...

It's confusing here too. We have red wasps flying out of the woods by the hundreds...80s one day, 50s the next. It is supposed to drop in the 20s tonight. I guess we shall see!

aimee said...

So it's not just us? :) Yep, I saw a rhodie in bloom the other day too and one of ours had blossoms not that long ago. You're right about it being a gorgeous autumn:)

I think you're right. We do have microclimates at our place, but this is too widespread to be just us. I would LOVE us to get some snow--not just in the mountains, but everywhere--that way you could ski (and post lots of lovely winter photos) and I could play in the snow (and take a few winter photos too)!

Isn't that strange? That is a huge difference in temps (I love the 80's one)! Ah--red wasps??? Wasps as in stinging wasps? Scary--stay safe and stay warm tonight:)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I have trouble remembering what season it is, but my reasons are different (Florida is different)! Your pictures (whatever season they represent ;>)) are just lovely.

aimee said...

This is true! I envy you and two of my kids which enjoy summer in winter:)
Thanks for your kind comment!
Blessings, Aimee

Becky L. said...

I saw a purple flower on a rhody bush at my son's duplex they just moved into. Roses are blooming a bit here and there as well. Interesting indeed!?! God loves to give us surprises. And I need to plant my tulip bulbs this weekend before it gets too cold! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Always enjoy your comments. Hugs!

aimee said...

That is SO neat! I have really enjoyed God's surprise this autumn:) Yikes--that reminds me, I wanted to get some more bulbs...I am really hoping I can still find them this late in the season.
You are so welcome! Happy to know you were blessed by them.

Gracie Saylor said...

You took such beautiful photos, Aimee!!! Thanks for sharing them. I still have geraniums blooming and one hollyhock blossom, but I think we have only had two nights of frost here so far this fall and not nearly as much rain as other years since I moved here.
Gracie xx

aimee said...

Thanks and you're most welcome! I am impressed that your geraniums are still blooming:)
Same on the weather here. My friend picked a lot of our kiwi because we thought we were going to get a hard frost and then it ended up not to be that bad so the others are still on the vines.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Betsy said...

Beautiful photos Aimee! When we got home yesterday it was evident that winter arrived while we were gone. Apparently several inches of snow came and left and ALL of the leaves are off the trees now. In Japan everything is still in bloom and it was quite lovely. It sure makes it hard to return to gray and brown.

aimee said...

Hi, Betsy!
Welcome home! I hope you had a great time with your son and can hardly wait to see your photos:)
Yep, we've definitely turned the corner into late autumn/winter and I too am missing the colors (although we still have some leaves left on our trees). Perhaps spring will come early...

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