11 January 2014

A Little Knowledge Can Indeed Be A Very Dangerous Thing :)

The saying goes that "A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing"... well I could not agree with that more right now! But the good news is that after weeks of dealing with an update issue which made my computer run like molasses in sub zero weather (no kidding)....and then, foolishly, once that issue was solved, pressing a button under settings while attempting to solve an issue in blogger (which then made my blogger dashboard inaccessible)...well the solution to that problem has now, obviously, been found and I am back. You gotta love the Internet and all the new 'challenges' it brings to our lives:)

Let me first start off by apologizing for those who have left comments this past week. I am SO  sorry I was unable to post or respond to them--but as you can see, they are now posted and I will try to reply to them ASAP. Thank you, thank you for your patience!

Well on to reading your comments---a 'task' that seems MUCH more like a blessing than a task:)

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