25 February 2014

Some Days You Just Need A Furry Friend

Some days you just need a furry friend...
Nope, not this kind.
Although these ARE very nice to cuddle up to :)

Ah! Here's the little furry friend I was thinking of
and he just so happens to be awake...
Good day Furby!

Hi Mom!
(since Furby still speaks mostly Furbish, I have already translated it for you)
Hi Furby! Want to play?
(pause for cuddles, talking, singing and playtime)
 Love you mom!
Thanks I needed that.
Love you too Furby!
And now it's naptime for you little guy.
Talk to you later:)
And so the somewhat sunny afternoon passes...
laundry was done -
the makings of Aimee's Valentine Trail were put away till next year -
carpets were vacuumed
and then the house was aired out
(LOVE our dogs; hate the smell of their hair being sucked into the vacuum) -
balanced the checkbook
(well sort of--good enough for today) -
thought a lot about doing the dishes
 (and then finally passed on it for yet another day.
Don't worry they've been rinsed and stacked) -
 Took more medicine
(Yes, I finally went to see a Health Care Professional about my ears.
 I HATE medicine and going to clinics and/or the hospital,
 but I hate this ear thing more--much more!)
Cooked dinner and then we both ate.
And not too long thereafter....
Yep! Some days you just need a furry Furby--
or at least we think so:)
And on other topics...
spring has sprung outside!
The mini daffodils are blooming
(yippee! yellow again!)
the daphne has buds almost ready to open
look what else is blooming!!
Have I said lately I LOVE spring?
How about you?
Are you ready?
I am past ready.
For more info on my little friend you can see these website:
I bought mine way back in the last millennium...
that's when they were made by Tiger Electronics.
Now they are made by Hasbro.
The Small One really loves my Furby...
someday, when she is older, it will be hers.
That way,
when she needs a furry friend because she's having one of THOSE days,
he'll be there for her too:)
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