12 February 2014

Valentine's Week: Aimee's 'Heart' Trail

About a month ago,
 Linda of Linda Len's posted photos of her hike to the Christmas Ornament trail.
From the moment I saw it, I was captivated by the idea and wanted to recreate it at home--
in our not so hidden woodland.
Yesterday, with snow still on the ground (yippee!)
 and some raindrops falling, a friend and I set up the beginnings of what will be--
I hope--
a magical place for my granddaughters to visit.
Red hearts...

white lace...

heart bead necklaces for two little ladies.
Valentine's Day cookie cutters
(Mmm...makes me hungry for sugar cookies)
and some glass ornaments still to come
(after the wind settles down a bit).

Lacey bow on a Japanese maple.

And, of course, the garden had some pre-existing 'ornaments' of its own.
This plant--a Scarlett O'Hara pieris looks perfectly suited for the Day of Love
Not the best photo---
but I included it anyway because of a scary incident yesterday.
In the morning, one of our three dogs all of a sudden came up missing;
no where to be found.
Farmer Boy who always goes out with our dogs unless I do,
called and started to search the property while I prayed
(the last time this happened we believe our dog saw a coyote or mountain lion--
that time dear dog didn't bark either in response to our calls;
we finally found him cowering under our deck.)
This time dear dog, who is pretty well blind, was in our upper pond.
Fortunately the pond was so full of dense plant growth and such that he didn't sink.
Scary--for him and us.
Tonight I am very grateful for answered prayer:)
Time for bed now--
busy, busy week ahead with a Small One set for a weekend visit.
Wishing you all a very blessed and most lovely Valentine's Week!
Another GREAT idea for Valentine's Day can be found on
the site of another blogger friend, Teresa.
Teresa lives in the incredible Columbia River Gorge region of Oregon
and is extremely talented in all sorts of crafts!
 On her site she has made available a free pattern
 for Scandinavian crocheted hearts.
Take a look--
I KNOW you will love them as much as I do!
Perhaps next year, after some practice, you will even find some of them
making an appearance on my Heart Trail:)

10 February 2014

Visitors From the Past

 Long, long ago there was this wonderful place on the Oregon Coast known as Pixie Kitchen. It was a magical place with funny, very special full length mirrors, good food (loved their buffet) and pixies! We went there often and those memories of my childhood are truly sweet...

Flash forward many years...
We are still sorting through my mother's things--well mostly my sibling it. At some point I had sorted boxes too and decided I just couldn't keep everything. I took photos of a few special items and let them go; other things -- like the Friendly Village dinnerware and teacup collection I took home. Months passed after saying 'no' to some items and I began to regret with each month letting the ceramic pixies and elves go. Surely they were in a Goodwill store by now; surely they had to be. I asked my sibling and was told there might be a chance...I did not hold out much hope.
And then the week before our snow blessing happened and on a very cold day, a box arrived via special delivery (my sibling and dad). I was VERY excited:)
We treat our wee ones well here as you can see...
the elves outside playing in their 'native' habitat.
They didn't understand why I brought them in so fast.
But really, would I be a responsible Elf Mom if I left them outside in the cold,
without mittens and ear muffs?
Also inside the box was this little guy.
I love the little ladybug and red shoes--
so stylish and so, so cute!
It also makes me think forward to spring and summer when our ladybugs will be visiting us again!
One thing I am not sure of is whether this is a little girl pixie or a little boy?
What do you think?
The pixies also got to have some fun outside in the snow.
I don't think they enjoyed it as much as their friends the elves.
So what have you been up to?
If you would like to know more about the magical place that was
Pixie Kitchen
(and a bit about Pixieland too),
please see these links:

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