10 February 2014

Visitors From the Past

 Long, long ago there was this wonderful place on the Oregon Coast known as Pixie Kitchen. It was a magical place with funny, very special full length mirrors, good food (loved their buffet) and pixies! We went there often and those memories of my childhood are truly sweet...

Flash forward many years...
We are still sorting through my mother's things--well mostly my sibling it. At some point I had sorted boxes too and decided I just couldn't keep everything. I took photos of a few special items and let them go; other things -- like the Friendly Village dinnerware and teacup collection I took home. Months passed after saying 'no' to some items and I began to regret with each month letting the ceramic pixies and elves go. Surely they were in a Goodwill store by now; surely they had to be. I asked my sibling and was told there might be a chance...I did not hold out much hope.
And then the week before our snow blessing happened and on a very cold day, a box arrived via special delivery (my sibling and dad). I was VERY excited:)
We treat our wee ones well here as you can see...
the elves outside playing in their 'native' habitat.
They didn't understand why I brought them in so fast.
But really, would I be a responsible Elf Mom if I left them outside in the cold,
without mittens and ear muffs?
Also inside the box was this little guy.
I love the little ladybug and red shoes--
so stylish and so, so cute!
It also makes me think forward to spring and summer when our ladybugs will be visiting us again!
One thing I am not sure of is whether this is a little girl pixie or a little boy?
What do you think?
The pixies also got to have some fun outside in the snow.
I don't think they enjoyed it as much as their friends the elves.
So what have you been up to?
If you would like to know more about the magical place that was
Pixie Kitchen
(and a bit about Pixieland too),
please see these links:


Linda W. said...

Those pixes are cute! How great that your sibling found them and sent them to you. Are you enjoying the "white gold" from the sky? You know I am! :)

Teresa Kasner said...

I remember the signs for Pixie Kitchen and I would have thought I'd have gone there, but I don't remember actually being there and seeing all those fun things! Thanks for the memories.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun post Aimee! So glad you got reunited with your mother's pixies. (I definitely think that one is a boy.)

I followed the links and enjoyed reading the history -- we made a few trips to the Coast with our kids in the 1960s (we lived in Eastern Washington then) and loved the Lincoln City area. But we were too poor to go to Pixie Land or even eat there...(the six of us slept in a big tent and ate cheap meals cooked on the camp stove.) We didn't move to Oregon until 1971.

Neat memories for you and it is too bad that the building was let go. That one link said there was PIxie pictures and memorabilia in the Lincoln County Museum, so at least that's good..

Lorrie said...

Those are sweet little pixies. I'm so glad they finally made their way to you. Such fun they are having in the snow.

aimee said...

Thanks, I think so! YES I LOVE the snow--it's definitely 'white gold'!

You are most welcome!
I bet you did go there! It was very well known and usually crowded. I was quite fond of the Pixies as you can see:)

Thanks, it was quite the unexpected blessing to see them again! Isn't the history interesting? We camped out quite a bit when I was little too--my parents owned a very basic camper and we slept in the top bunk over the cab. Mmm--now you're bringing back memories of s'mores, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, beans, etc.
Yep, it was a sad day. Whenver I drive by the motel that stands in its place, I can't help but wish it back. I am happy that they were able to save part of the magic that was Pixie Kitchen:)
PS: I didn't realize you had lived originally in E. WA. I went to college in WA state and we have family ties to the beautiful Evergreen State!

Thank you! What a sweet comment:)

Becky L. said...

The pixies are cute, Aimee. I've never been there. I've been to Manzinita but once a few years ago. Fun memories though and enjoy your pixies!

aimee said...

Thank you! I wish you had had the chance to visit there when they were open...it was a great place for kids to visit.
Manzanita is beautiful. I think the last time I visited there was with my parents quite a few years ago.

Gracie Saylor said...

I enjoyed reading the history of Pixie Kitchen, Aimee, but have not lived here long enough to have visited it. Your pixies remind me of some I think my mom made long ago....she did a number of ceramic projects, including making a Nativity...she made a stable for the characters from am orange crate...a family treasure my older sister has :) [at first I was ready to declare that one pixie is a he and the other is a she, but then I changed my mind :) ]

aimee said...

I am happy you enjoyed reading about one of my fav memories! I surely wish Pixie Kitchen was still around for your grandkids would love it (as would mine).
Wow--your mom sounds like quite the artist! I would love to see any photos you want to post of her creations! Her Nativity scene sounds amazing:)

Betsy said...

Those little pixies are just the sweetest. I'm so, so, so happy that your sister still had them. I have some regrets of my parents things that I never even had a chance to go through. But the memories remain.
I've never heard of the Pixie kitchen before. It must have been a magical place.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So adorable!!!

aimee said...

Thanks! I do love them quite a bit and was very glad to have them.
I am so very sorry about your mom's things. I know that is not an uncommon thing. Glad you have some good memories.
Yep! Most definitely a very magical place! Truly wish it was still in business.

Thanks! I think so too:)

RaD said...

It looks as if the pixie with the hooked hands is meant to hang on the side of a potted plant.

aimee said...

I do believe you are right and I LOVE that idea! Thank you:)
PS: Have a blessed Valentine's Day!

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