08 February 2014

Snow Garden 2014

As I sit here, the wind is blowing like crazy and the skies appear
 to be a lighter shade of gray then earlier today.
The snow has stopped--for the moment--and everywhere I look there is such incredible beauty!
I LOVE this kind of snow--dry, powdery, gorgeous--and all I would wish for now is two things:
NO freezing rain AND a bit of blue sky.
Well, I guess, three things...I hope (and pray) that our electricity stays on.
And now, a few photos -
some taken through our, badly in need of spring cleaning, windows
some taken outside with an older camera
(was a bit nervous to use the newer one in these conditions).
Aimee's kind of snow angel:)
Snow lantern--still with the wrong top:)

Cool, really cool, garden seating
(and you thought I was going to say snow bench, didn't you?)
Snow lady

Snow, snow and more snow
(the birds are NOT as happy as they were yesterday)

Stay safe this weekend...
stay safe and keep warm.


Linda W. said...

Love all your snowy pics! Yes, I am beyond happy that we've finally got some snow! I was able to cross country ski right out my front door. It doesn't get any better than this. :) Hope the freezing rain doesn't happen - I've got plans to head up to Hood tomorrow.

aimee said...

Thanks! That is SO cool to get to ski right in your neighborhood! I remember years ago we visited a friend of my dad's and skied on their hillside:)
Hope you get up on the mountain tomorrow--have a great time in all the new powder!

Betsy said...

Wow! Your pictures are beautiful Aimee. I didn't venture outside to take mine but yours are SO much better. I love all of your statues and flowers/shrubbery.
We've been watching the birds huddled in the trees with their feathers all fluffed and fat. :-). The rain has begun here and we're hoping to keep the electricity on too.

Teresa Kasner said...

Great shots of the beauty of the snow! I'm enjoying ours, too. We seem to have some rain now, which is weird since it's 26 deg.! Keep warm and hope you and I both keep our electricity!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

@Betsy~'Thank you! I enjoyed your photos--especially of the wonderful and very expressive Piper!
I hope and pray your electricity does not go out Betsy.

Thanks! It was SO fun to see your grandsons outside in the snow earlier today:) Wow, that's so strange to have rain at that temp. Is it freezing rain?
Hopes and prayers that you keep your power on too!

Gracie Saylor said...

Your snow photos are lovely, Aimee. Thanks for sharing them. I think we have started to get some icy rain, and I too am hoping we all will not lose our electricity. My sons used to cross country ski. Do you ski? xx

Becky L. said...

We got snow as well. I love your photos. I took some today but only shared a few on blog tonight. More later. It's fun to compare our snow storm photos! Hope all goes well where you are and that electricity stays on. I got all the laundry dry so we are fine there! Stay warm! Hugs!

aimee said...

Thank you-you're most welcome! I enjoyed seeing your family snow photos earlier today:)
I hope you don't get much freezing rain and have a 'gentle' transition back to normal weather.
That is SO neat about your kids knowing how to ski! Do you ski as well? I used to do downhill skiing, but I believe the last time I did so was in my early 20s.
Have a warm, safe eve.

Thanks! Yea on getting in on the snow blessing:) I do enjoy viewing snow photos on the different blogs too. I was hoping to include some from a road trip, but my hubby decided it wasn't safe to drive to there given the road conditions (and all the trucks we saw in the ditches).
I am envious of you getting your laundry done. I am way behind on tasks, due to circumstances beyond my control, but hope to catch up when the weather gets a bit warmer.
Keep safe and warm as well:)
PS: Looking forward to seeing your snow photos soon.

Willow said...

Yay Aimee ~ you got your snow !
Love the photos. I can't help it I always find fresh fallen snow to be a joy , looks to be the lovely fluffy soft snow too.
Have fun !

Sam said...

Hi Aimee, those are beautiful shots of fresh, untouched snow. We think that you handled the camera really well. Ah Aimee...can I do some "doughnuts" in your backyard? I think that some tire tracks from me would add a nice touch :) I think that the snow will be heading up our way by late afternoon or by midnight. Stay warm.

Lorrie said...

Love all your beautiful snowy scenes. Looks like the snow is passing us by this time, in favor of rain coming later today and all week.

I'll enjoy the snow event by looking at photos like yours. Have a good week.

aimee said...

We did! Thank you for 'sharing' some of your snow blessing with us:)
It was wonderful powdery snow and we (or at least I) am truly loving it! I guess I was wrong that I was tired of winter:)

Thank you Sam! I would LOVE to have you make some -- in fact, I think that is what my photo set is missing:) I am glad you will soon be likewise blessed with the lovely white stuff...make sure to ask your 'dad' to get some good photos of you having fun!
Keep safe.

Thank you! Happy to be of service -- lots of snow photos on the different blogs these days! We will soon be getting rain too. Lots and lots of it.
Blessings to you this day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Our Eugene kids have been without electricity for over a day when I talked to them yesterday. They did get freezing rain on top of all the deep snow. Not good. Your pix are beautiful though.!!

aimee said...

Oh no! That is definitely not fun at all. I hope they have an alternative source of heat to stay warm in this cold. We have family that live in the Eugene area too and they lost power also-fortunately theirs has been restored; I hope your children get theirs back on very soon too! Freezing rain and snow are gorgeous, but can cause so much damage:( Yesterday, when my DH and I took a road trip, you could see the tree limbs, weighed down with snow, leaning on the electrical wires. I am hoping there are no further electrical outages.

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