21 June 2013

A Few More Scraps from My Scrapbook of Life

The other day, a friend and I were on a trip to get some business done,
 when I realized we weren't far from a favorite café where we had eaten a time or two before...
it wasn't hard to talk her into a detour.
I had some organic Jasmine tea--
out of this wonderful little tea pot...
unfortunately my smartphone's camera wasn't too 'smart' (accurate) with the true color.
It was a beautiful light, soft green--reminiscent of some vintage items I've seen.  
The tea was AWESOME by the way...
made even more so by the 'lovely' pre July 4th weather we were having outside:(

besides the not so lovely rain and gray skies,
we were treated to a variety of lovely colorful flowers in a variety of unique containers.
It helped make the day seem brighter!
Do you see what I see?
Yep, that REALLY is a toaster being used as a planter!
I've never seen that before:)
They also used old sifters and some other kitchen related items...
cute ideas for a café that used to be a general store
(or possibly a farmhouse or rustic cabin)!

I should have taken a photo of what we were eating,
but I was SO hungry that the delicious roast beef sandwich was gone in minutes...
maybe even seconds:)
And then -- not too long afterwards,
so was the yummy lemon cookie...
I LOVE lemony desserts!
I LOVE eating good food in a historical, country setting too:)
Here is their website in case business or pleasure brings you out their way as it did us
An earlier trip under sunnier skies
brought my hubby and I to the coast.
And wouldn't you know it,
not too long into our trip,
as we were passing some farm fields and hillsides where the lighting was beautiful,
I clicked the camera shutter...
only to discover, 
my camera battery was dead--
I did catch a few beach photos with my phone,
but I definitely need to take the time and play with the settings.
Still it was better than nothing:)
And last,
but not least,
On an even earlier visit... 
my sibling's cute Cornish Rex kitty taking-
a cat nap:)
Ah! The sun has made an appearance...
time to go!
Happy Summer Solstice to you!

17 June 2013

Scraps in the Scrapbook of My Life

The sky is fascinating today...
it seems to be changing constantly.
I am SO tempted to drive up to my favorite hiding place on the mountain...
but that will have to wait because today is taiyaki day.
We've been trying to get some things done in the garden recently.
Yesterday my DH spent hours in the main garden (which isn't much of a garden),
mowing the weeds down till it looked awesome!
I only wish our drain field was located elsewhere because I have dreams of having a
raised bed potager garden like this one there...
One of the things we're been doing
(we being my best friend and I, but mostly my best friend)
is spreading mulch--a yearly chore,
chopping down a tree
(yep--just us women folk),
pruning and trying to get the wildflower garden weeded.
One thing that is doing awesome is our lavender--
we have about 10 plants (mostly culinary) and I wouldn't mind planting
more because I love it that much!
The bees seem to love it too:)
Speaking of wild things...it seems like we are getting more of the colorful butterflies this year..
I have spotted red ones and a yellow one.
Butterflies bring sweet memories of my grandma...
I miss her.
A bit closer view of one of the flowers in the wildflower/perennial beds.
Since I am not watching my dad right now --
he fractured his ankle while on vacation and I don't have the physical strength to pivot or lift him--
I am trying to get up earlier and get more done.
It is starting to pay off...
but there is SO much left to do--
isn't that always the case?
BTW--prayers for my dad would be appreciated.
Actually prayers for all of our family would be appreciated right now...
The roses are looking great this year...
no deer munching on them yet:)
Another thing I am really enjoying are the daylilies by our upper pond...
SO beautiful no matter the weather!
And last, but not least,
a recent visitor to our place...
she brought her beautiful sister too!!
LOVE those little gals:)
So what do the pages in the scrapbook of your life look like lately?
Wish me luck with my taiyaki....
it's my first time:)
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