06 April 2012

Lenten Reflection

My robes have become muddied again.
They are heavy with angry words and bitterness;
they are dirty from wrong priorities...
they no longer shine with the brightness of God's love.

I drop to the ground; it is cold and hard.
Kneeling is not easy--
it is hard to humble oneself;
 it is hard to admit one is wrong.
It is hard to get beyond human pride.
 It is stormy outside...the ground is wet, the wind blowing.
I feel alone, abandoned in the storms of life.

I ask forgiveness from the Father; I ask for Him to cleanse me from all unrighteousness--
for Him to wash my robes once again.
And then I see...there is another beside me; One who has been there all along.
One who was there during the angry words and bitterness that I spoke;
One who was there during the hurt that poured out from two human souls;
One who was there when I again chose the wrong priorities...
One who was always there waiting and calling me patiently.

The One?
 Well it is Him; He who died for my sins over 2,000 years ago.
He who died to cleanse me and to bring healing to my soul.
I couldn't see Him before--when my robes were muddied--but now Heavenly Grace has opened my eyes and I see He was there all along, touching my shoulder gently;
calling me to live a life of true love, complete peace and deep joy.
I smile and then I rise, robes clean and white again.
I rise forgiven and cleansed; a child of the King.
I rise because He is the reason this Friday is a Good Friday.

May you be blessed.

Did you know that a kneeling position "provides more stability due to (a) lower position of gravity" and that "a kneeled person is much less visible from a distance"? I think there is a spiritual application here...if we were to humble ourselves before our Maker more, would we find that we have greater stability in life? Would we find that the darts of the enemy of our soul more often miss us? (source of quotes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kneeling)

Photo taken at Mt Cavalry Catholic Cemetery, Portland.

02 April 2012

Another Week--Another Spring Cleaning Challenge

Last week stats: Aimee, 1 vs the house (specifically the 'Dreaded' pantry), 0

Yes, that is correct! My kitchen pantry is finally (as of last Thursday) being used for what it was meant for (well at least at our house where there's just my Farmer Boy and I)...
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Wood serving tray, bowl, etc.
  • Tablescapes, table linens (by season)
  • Seasonal dinnerware: right now that is mom's Friendly Village dinnerware, some Fiesta dinnerware, and one other pattern. Our everyday patterns -- Corelle--are in a regular kitchen cabinet along with an Oriental pattern from England and some glass dishes; another white set is in the hutch. (dinnerware is my weakness...)
There is still some fine tuning to do in the kitchen but I am :) about my progress there so far.

So now we have come to a new week and I've chosen a new challenge. Actually, I should say it was chosen for me...because with three rooms being repaired and remodeled, my youngest son's former bedroom has become a storage unit.
You think I'm kidding---sadly NOT:(

With more plans to complete cleaning, sorting and organizing
 the entry closet,
the bathroom storage areas,
our bedroom closet 
and the living room that is on its way to becoming another storage unit

AND with NO garage (BIG sigh) to use as a staging area...
PLUS with sorting all of mom's stuff still...
AND realizing we have way too much stuff and
 I don't want my kids to have to go through the stress of sorting  through it all someday...

I am attacking the 'dreaded' storage unit (formerly known as my son's room).
Wish me luck...his room has a reputation.

What's on your list for spring cleaning/decorating/organization today?
Blessings, Aimee

And yes, I took photos...just not ready to post them yet:)

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