26 August 2015

Our Day (From the Furry One): National Dog Day

Hi to all my furry, four footed friends and their owners  out there in cyber-land!
It's me---
the small, furry, extraordinarily cute, super talented and totally humble one writing to you
 from the lovely--about to receive a rain blessing--Pacific Northwest!
And why am I posting instead of Mom you say?
Well Mom is on a blog break right now, with a HUGE "to do" list,
and it just so happens that this is a VERY special day in America for us canine types!
And, since I am POSITIVELY sure she wouldn't have forgotten to post
 something for this VERY special day--
MY day,
and since she occasionally gives me treats,
I am going to cut her a little slack
and post about OUR special day myself--
being the totally talented pup that I am.
So a
to all my paw-d friends out there
and enjoy the photos:):)

This is me with my pesky brother.
He's the one I like to bark and jump at sometimes...
like ANYTIME there's something I can't get to that I don't like
(the neighbor's chickens come to mind).

And this is my brother again.
He is rather cute don't you think?
And, finally, this is our oldest brother when he was just a pup.
He's the one that got this whole thing rolling.
You see Mom fell in love with our types and one day came home with him in tow
and, within a short time, Dad loved him SO much --
well the rest is history
(or should I say our-story?)
Oh, oh.
It's time for our afternoon break.
I got to go
Puppy love,
The small, furry, white one.
Oh, yea--please forgive the photo quality.
I may be SUPER talented but my photo editing skills are rather lacking:)
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