30 August 2012

Into the Unknown: Of F.E.A.R. and Detours (pt1)

From awhile back---
so that I will remember.
We were headed up to one of my favorite areas in Oregon. I was anxious and not feeling well due to some stomach issues. We passed the area I hate, with no incident (of course); I began to relax and enjoy the scenery and then it happened...
A detour sign; road closed ahead...the familiar, the known was gone.
My hubby turned our car to the left and immediately (though there were no road signs), I knew where we were--it was the one road I feared and had always 'sworn' I would NEVER, ever go on. And we were now traveling up it.
My protests increased; my anxiety level did too as we continued upward on this twisty, narrow (one lane) road with no guardrails.  Yes, this road is meant for "the more adventurous" (really, that is the description for this road) and I wasn't feeling that way this day.  

Soon we were at the summit...of course my anxiety did not stop me from jumping out to take a photo or two.. The view, though pretty, was a bit disappointing in areas--I'll let you guess why...
but the beautiful outnumbered the not so pretty;
wildflowers being wonderful at this elevation this time of the year! 
  The curves continued--my hubby insisted we continue too (of course to turn around and go back now meant I would be on THAT side--something I didn't want to do either). The road really wasn't that bad--though very twisty and really, really narrow. To give credit to my husband, he was traveling SLOWLY (because of me, I'm sure) and we had enough room (though barely) to let the few oncoming vehicles, including a Sheriff, by. The road was in good shape too--it's surface smooth.
Just what was I afraid of? Ah, the unknown of course and the lack of control I had over this situation (reminiscent over some incidents in my past). And the road reports I had read...the questions not yet answered: Just what lay beyond the next curve; what dangers could we face here in the almost wilderness? What if we got stranded on this little traveled mountain road? Or accidently turned and got lost on one of the many unmarked, no cell service side roads?
So much beauty; so much fear in my heart...

To be continued...

28 August 2012

A Summer Drive in Oregon's Countryside

Yesterday's adventures brought us to three different farms...
on one farm these sunny flowers caught my eye--
there's just something about sunflowers at this time of the year! 
Along with sunflowers, squash and huge red begonias
these pastel colored hollyhocks looked amazing under the summer sky:) 
Ah! Pink--glorious, wonderful pink! 
We passed fields of hops (some now harvested),
and more.
We passed this beautiful field of black eyed Susans too.
It was a great way to spend an August day!
And, to make things even better, my friend took me for a ride on a little river ferry:)
 Nothing like the view from a ferry's deck on a warm, summer day!

27 August 2012

Summer Scenes

In some ways I feel like summer is slipping away.
A few nights have been cool;
some trees are beginning to show autumn's color.
Our dinner table is filled with late summer's bounty--
cherry tomatoes from a neighbor's garden
(nothing the like store bought ones),
fresh corn on the cob...
This has been an unusual summer--
cooler than normal
(which was fine with us)
but it has also felt way too short.
So--on Saturday my hubby and I set off to capture some summer memories...
Where best to go then a covered bridge?
We were not alone:)
Local kids were catching crawdads and wading in the cool water below the bridge.
A man walking by told us of the somewhat infamous history of the bridge
(we'll get to that later). 
I wonder how many kids have explored the waters of this creek;
how many families have spent a summer day here in the shade of this covered bridge.
Ah, summer...
I think know I'll miss you.
Are you seeing signs of summer coming to an end?
Are you eager to move on to autumn
(I have mixed feelings but am excited to see the beautiful jewel tones of fall)
Notes on Gallon House Covered Bridge:
LOVED this bridge!
Maybe it was the excited grade school aged boys wading in the
waters of Abiqua Creek below the bridge
or perhaps it was the warm sun or blue skies;
possibly the hop fields nearby where workers were harvesting the crop...
I'm not sure but I will always hold dear memories of the day we visited....
This beautiful covered bridge was built in 1916 and is located in a very nice rural area
not too far from Silverton, Oregon
And it's history?
I'll let you read it here:
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