27 August 2012

Summer Scenes

In some ways I feel like summer is slipping away.
A few nights have been cool;
some trees are beginning to show autumn's color.
Our dinner table is filled with late summer's bounty--
cherry tomatoes from a neighbor's garden
(nothing the like store bought ones),
fresh corn on the cob...
This has been an unusual summer--
cooler than normal
(which was fine with us)
but it has also felt way too short.
So--on Saturday my hubby and I set off to capture some summer memories...
Where best to go then a covered bridge?
We were not alone:)
Local kids were catching crawdads and wading in the cool water below the bridge.
A man walking by told us of the somewhat infamous history of the bridge
(we'll get to that later). 
I wonder how many kids have explored the waters of this creek;
how many families have spent a summer day here in the shade of this covered bridge.
Ah, summer...
I think know I'll miss you.
Are you seeing signs of summer coming to an end?
Are you eager to move on to autumn
(I have mixed feelings but am excited to see the beautiful jewel tones of fall)
Notes on Gallon House Covered Bridge:
LOVED this bridge!
Maybe it was the excited grade school aged boys wading in the
waters of Abiqua Creek below the bridge
or perhaps it was the warm sun or blue skies;
possibly the hop fields nearby where workers were harvesting the crop...
I'm not sure but I will always hold dear memories of the day we visited....
This beautiful covered bridge was built in 1916 and is located in a very nice rural area
not too far from Silverton, Oregon
And it's history?
I'll let you read it here:


by Teresa said...

Thank you so much for telling about the covered bridge in your photos.. being the curious person I am, I always want to know where the photos are taken. I also love covered bridges! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Very interesting, Aimee. I read the history :) A young friend just showed me pictures of covered bridges she and her parents visited in our area a few week ago. I was surprised there are so many. While I especially enjoy autumn, summer has seemed extremely fleeting both last year and this, to me. Thanks for posting :)
xx from Gracie

aimee said...

I am too! Call me Pandora but my curiosity always gets the best of me and I search the Internet till I get my answer:)
Glad to know you love these beautiful bridges too. I am trying to put together a photo collection of all the PNW ones I can get to!
Have a great Tuesday

aimee said...

Good morn to you! Yes there are many of these beauties in our state; I think I read somewhere that Oregon has the most covered bridges west of the Mississippi. I am glad that our youth have an appreciation for them too-they are definitely worth preserving for future generations!
PS: Yes, that's it! This summer has felt very fleeting to me too. Usually I am totally ready to embrace autumn, but this year I am having mixed feelings about it.

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