16 February 2015

Of Unexpected Blessings: Pt I

Who would have ever thought that in mid February our plum tree would have its first bloom?
And our garden would also be seeing daffodils, daphne, camellia and pieris blooms too?
And who would have ever thought that my Farmer Boy would be mowing
our yard on a sunny, dry weekend?
Certainly not I.

And who would have thought their wish would come true and they would be standing looking at this beautiful coastal creek -- all because of a little girl's request and a traffic jam?

Or that a certain big girl would be blessed with seeing sights she had never seen or be able to touch and walk on the rock that has enchanted her for a long, long time--
but has always been just a little out of reach?

And who would have thought that the tide would be so kind (LOL)
as to reveal more of the magic that is THIS beach...?
Not I, not I.
But there was even more to come on this special weekend of love.
And it involved a return to a location that was changed because of weather that was not nearly as wonderful as our weather has been...
In other news,
the G Room bed has been finished and has officially been slept in by a
 certain, much loved Small One.
I will soon be calling upon all of you very gifted crafters to
advise me on a certain idea I have about it...
How was your weekend?
Satsuma plum bloom--just in time for Valentine's Day:)
Neskowin Creek looking inland
(two creeks come together on what is considered by some a very romantic beach;
kind of like two hearts becoming one...)
North portion of Proposal Rock
(yep I really like this romantic Valentine's Day weekend theme I got going here)
Looking south towards Cascade Head and part of the "ghost forest"
More "ghost forest"
(an earlier post with a link to a wonderful video)
Part of the finished Scandinavian Style daybed with storage
Time for bed. Lots of garden work to get done today:)
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