10 March 2014

Bird (+ Other Critter) 'Hunting'

 The end of the rainy, windy, stormy weather of recent times
made me yearn for a road trip Sunday,
 sent my DH and I in search of 'critters'--
especially since my favorite weather blogger nearly broke my heart recently
with his announcement that the annual south to north bird migration has begun
(and he had radar proof of it).
Could it be that our downright weird winter weather this year
 has left me lacking in bird viewing opportunities?
Sadly, yep.
But where to go?
DH and I disagreed on our destination...
turned out his suggestion couldn't have been any better :)
I wonder what squirrels think about all day long -- besides food that is.
Do you think they are as fascinated by us as we are with them?
A little river surfing??
Duck couple or a couple of ducks?
You decide:)
I used to fly too.
Unfortunately, it was only in my dreams...
and my 'wings' (arms) seemed a bit sore when I woke up.
I wonder if birds ever have sore wings...
Up close and personal
(with the help of a zoom lens and awesome bird watching manners).
Sometimes I think this would be a great ability to have...
but it kinda makes my neck hurt to think too much about it.
And a beautiful end to a surprisingly short (but hopefully sweet) post.
Have a blessed week everyone!

Sorry fellow bloggers--
I've been pretty busy these past days and it will take me awhile to catch up on blog visits.
I am looking forward to doing that though:)
Photos taken in Clackamas County, Oregon yesterday.
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