04 August 2012

Current Events

My dear daughter and two of my wonderful
(and very, very active grandsons)
have arrived safely
so has my dear DIL
part of her family...
so posts may be a little sporadic for awhile.

Have a great weekend!
I know I will:)

Photo: no time to upload photo;
this one of my DD from several years ago.

01 August 2012

For Men Only...NOT!

I am always looking for new places to visit and interesting sights to see.
You already know I love our incredible coast and mountains;
you may know I also love our high desert too.
But did you know I love historical vehicles and cars from my childhood?
Yep! And recently, when I was looking for a place to visit on our Sunday drive I found out
that a small city to the southwest of Portland was having an old-fashioned festival,
with a historic fire truck event and a cruise-in for historical and other vehicles.
Heavenly, I thought--
and after a bit of persuasion,
off we headed
(we being the Farmer Boy and I).
Now women--please tell me you don't find this appealing?
Look at those lines...
and that gorgeous color. 
And patriotic too! 
Or how about this?
I LOVE red;
I would love to be driving this baby around!
Look at those dials...
the steering wheel...
Or blue?
Soooo pretty!
Of course, this one might be a problem as I have never been able to
 master driving a car with a stick shift--just ask the 2 men who tried to teach me
(no, we didn't end up in the ditch. Close does not equal 'in').
Can you drive one? 
There were quite a few vehicles there--and some very proud owners.
Who can blame them?
The admirers consisted of young people,
senior citizens,
(like this young man)
and us middle aged people!
And yes, guys and gals:) 
My hubby used to have one of these --
same year; different color! 
But his didn't have a surprise under the hood:)
I liked this sign.
Yikes, almost forgot the classy, classy really old vehicles--
there were a couple of them,
but I couldn't get a photo of the other without people in them.
Sorry--it was very nice and even had a name:)
The last photo
(yea I know it was a long post,
but at least I was short winded)
Hope you enjoyed cruisin' with Aimee and the Farmer Boy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...
I will be house cleaning.

31 July 2012


between the organization and cleaning of our home
 in one of the crazy moments that make up my life lately,
my USB connector has gone into hiding
 left me with a lot of photos being held 'hostage' on my poor,
greatly overused,
 almost full Nikon.
And the scary thing is that
I know I'll need lots of memory card capacity very, very soon
for the special 'someones'
arriving later this week
Now just where did I put that silly little, indispensable cord this time?
too bad I didn't leave myself any clues.

Hope you are having a great week!


somewhere very, very beautiful in the northern Coast Range of Oregon
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