05 November 2009

The Storm

Outside it’s stormy;
an autumn storm has arrived in the PNW
bringing with it colder temps, rain and wind gusts.
But the NW wasn't the only place affected by a storm today-
for all of America was hit by one this Thursday;
though the worst of it landed in Texas-
on a post filled with American men, women and children.
This storm did not come from the skies above;
it was not a product of nature.
nor sent by God.
No, sadly it came from a fellow countryman
and brother-in-arms.
But it was a storm nevertheless and the
devastation and loss it brought cruel and terrible indeed.
And for a moment this day the nation stood silent in shock
as those horrible reports came flooding in,
because things like this shouldn't happen
but because of the world we live in they sometimes do.
So tonight this mother's heart weeps for you who bore this storm's cruel brunt:
for the families who suffered the great loss of their loved ones
and for those whose bodies are now filled with pain from wounds suffered.
Know that there are many of us who grieve with you over your loss and pain-
though most of us cannot comprehend it fully.
(How can one understand an act such as this?)
And know that we pray for God to show His grace and abundant love to you;
that you will find shelter under His wings
and that - in the midst of your pain - you will feel God's peace-
a peace He promised is so very great that it passeth all understanding.
And that those in hospital beds will recover quickly--
in body, mind and spirit.
Finally we pray that God will once again bless this land we love so dearly;
and that all who live both within and outside its borders will come to know true peace and brotherhood; where love is the only language spoken and the Golden Rule is followed by all mankind.
May God bless & be with you,
Storm we traveled through earlier this year.

Thursday Thanks-giving: autumn colors

Being a Pilgrim descendant it is no wonder that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I thought it might be nice then to usher in the day of giving thanks to God with a few Thursdays of thanks-giving. After all we usher in Easter with the season of Lent
and Christmas with the season of Advent--so why not have a season in which to reflect on God's goodness and blessings to us that culminates in the day of Thanksgiving?
Actually since God brings us blessings each day maybe the whole year--all 365 days of it--should be days of thanksgiving.
Maybe the world isn't ready for that -- yet.
Anyway here it goes---my first Thursday Thanks-giving.

I am SO thankful for the beautiful colors of the autumn season. Just as the land and many of its plants begin to prepare for their long winter's rest, God adorns them in such finery that one can only go--WOW! You know the end of the day's beautiful sunsets are just like that--especially those on the desert;
sunsets there are truly amazing!
But then so are those over the ocean
and on mountains too.
OK I confess, I just have a real soft spot for sunsets--anywhere.
I feel better now that I've admitted that; you know confession is so good for one's soul.

And as you all know --I am SO thankful for blueberries. I love them in the spring when they are filled with pretty blossoms, in the summer when they're covered with big, ripe, juicy blueberries and in autumn when they fill my garden with my favorite color of red.

Of course you all know the blueberries above (second photo) can't be from my garden.

Nope! Because even though I added another plant this year, that still only brings me to 5 and this field of blueberries we passed had a LOT more plants then that!

A WHOLE lot more!
Maybe next year I'll add another one---I'm sure the gooseberries and spirae won't mind giving up a little 'branch' room for a friendly, no thorns blueberry--

And my oldest son, who adores them, won't mind either. Can you imagine he told me this summer that I should rip out all the ornamental plants in HIS garden--and put in only edible plants--like blueberries.

NOW that isn't going to happen.

Speaking of blueberries--here's another one of ours. I just never get tired of looking at them clothed in their autumn color.

Next is a collection of our leaves on the concrete table my Farmer Boy made with our kids--or was it the grandkids? Eek! This photo turned out a lot more dull then it looked in real life--you'll have to pretend the sun is shining on the leaves and that they are all glossy in the light.
And last, but not least, the Prairifire crabapple we planted earlier this year-in spring-when it was filled with beautiful red-pink blossoms. It is pretty now with its red fruit and yellowing leaves--especially in the sunlight!

I LOVE autumn and its colors! And so on this first Thursday of Thanksgiving I give thanks to God for autumn. I am truly grateful for it!!

Blessings, Aimee

03 November 2009

His Unfailing Love

"Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.

Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,

Your justice like the ocean depths.

You care for people and animals alike, O Lord.

How precious is Your unfailing love, O God!
All humanity finds shelter

in the shadow of Your wings.

You feed them from the abundance of Your own house,
letting them drink from Your rivers of delight.
For You are the fountain of life,

the light by which we see.
Pour out Your unfailing love on those who love You;
give justice to those with honest hearts."


Psalms 36: 6-10 NLT

(© 2003 Ilumina Software, Tyndale House Publishers)


Did you notice something about the verses above? Yea, I know that I kind of gave it away with my title but really it is truly amazing that God's love towards His children is unfailing and that David mentions it not once - or twice - but three times!

Sometimes after I fail --- by losing my temper or not doing something I know I should --- I get into a mindset that God has stopped loving me (after all I am SO unperfect how could a perfect God love me?). But the truth is that King David, who penned these verses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, failed--actually several times-- and in pretty big ways too by ordering the death of one of his Soldiers and taking what was not his to take (another's wife). And yet he knew that God's love for Him was unfailing and this is true of God's love for all His children.

The question is--can you and I accept that?



Southern Idaho (and yes that shadowy area that looks like a heart was not added by me)

Colorado--Pike's Peak from the Garden of the Gods I believe; early AM

The Pacific Ocean - near the mouth of the Columbia River

Small town church in the PNW

Autumn Harvest bounty from PNW farms

PNW mountain range -- evening

Note, question & comment

First the note part---I wanted to apologize for my very tardy response and posting of the last several comments. I SO appreciate all my readers and enjoy reading any comments I recieve--I just want you to know that. Soon the worst part of the BIG project will be behind my Farmer Boy and I can feel better about being on the web....until then I ask that you please be patient with my posting of the comments---oh and some posts too:)

Secondly the question. Awhile back my (actually my DH's camera) was treated to a few minutes in our sandy raised bed as I was weeding there. Despite the fact that it (the raised beds) are quite a pleasant place to be if you are a plant, they are not so good for cameras I discovered. Since then--we are talking months and months--I have had to edit many photos I take to delete the not so lovely blotch some have. Also I am just not too happy with the camera's resolution anymore...
So my question is---what type of camera would you recommend for someone looking for a digital in the $250-300 range? Any comment about the one you are recommending? I thank anyone in advance who is willing to reply.

Finally the comment--I just wanted to say that I hope you are all well and filled with peace this autumn day.

PNW Farm Tour: Kiwi in the NW!

We've had kiwi planted here on our land for quite a few years now and other then this year have not had much luck with them in terms of a crop. When I learned there was a commercial kiwi farm here in the PNW I was quite eager to visit there to see how kiwi farming is supposed to be done...oh and eat some too!
But first I feel it is my 'duty' to 'warn' you ... :)
This kiwi farm is located in a beautiful area of rolling hills covered with a lot of vineyards and crowned by tall evergreen trees. In other words, you'll definitely need your camera (some photos of this area later as time, house, garden and PC allows!) Secondly, if you are like me and have only eaten fuzzy kiwi (the type you can buy at most stores) you may be surprised to learn that there is another type--a smooth skinned, miniature type that is...well

TOTALLY amazing!
100% delicious!
Completely addicting!
Oh and did I say you eat these baby kiwi -- skin and all?
AND THAT THEY ARE really, really YUMMY?
Guess I did :)
OK--now that you've been warned,
here are some more photos for you to enjoy...

These are the little ones that won my heart and all of my taste buds (and my son's too).

It was interesting picking them, but you can also buy them ready picked there. The kiwi farmer was quite well informed about his crop--he said I was lucky to have any kiwi since I hadn't done much of anything with them in terms of pruning or fertilizing or ...
well anything except admire their shade and form.
I've now been educated and will be a much better steward of my wonderful kiwi plants next year. And it was great talking to someone who knew first hand how to grow fuzzy kiwi the right way. Just one problem though..
now that I am addicted to baby kiwi I want to grow them too.
Farmer Boy, pretty please ??? :)

It was a well kept farm that it is properly called a kiwi vineyard.
Imagine that? I thought a vineyard was for grapes only.

And here are the fuzzy kiwi.
Aren't they cute?
Some of them came home with me along with the baby kiwi and kiwi honey!
Have I ever said that I LOVE honey!??

So that's my visit to a real kiwi farm located in the PNW.
(I believe the kiwi vineyard had another type of kiwi too but am not sure of the variety)
Blessings fellow kiwi-lovers,
All photos above taken during my visit to HB & K Farms located in Dundee, Oregon at 10794 Worden Hill Rd (there were signs to follow from the main highway through the town)

02 November 2009


I've always liked them-
these yellow and black 'pictures' along the roadsides of America (and elsewhere)
And now I've decided to start a collection of them-
well not them because that is against the law...
but images of them.
Besides they take up a lot less room and you can feel good about this type of collection.
One of my favorite signs-
probably because I LOVE horses so very much!
I especially like Arabian and Fjord horses and have
ridden both of them--
but not at the same time of course.
Because if I tried that I would not be riding-I'd be falling...
and I hate falling from a horse;
actually I hate falling from anything.
Speaking of horses...
I used to own one.
Well he was more like a pony
a Welsh one. But I loved him.

I like this sign too because it has kids on a see-saw.
(You know these signs remind me of children's drawings)
And I love see-saws and children too
(especially my grandchildren
and 'little friend')--my best friend's granddaughter.

I certainly can't leave 'Bambi' out of this new collection
That would be wrong
VERY wrong.
And I do so very badly want to be right.

And because I am married to a real Farmer Boy (although we don't live on a farm)
And because I am very partial to farmers and their wives
Especially my honorary 'second' mom who recently celebrated another year of life and blessings....
so this one is in honor of her!
GOD bless you always & forever Mom
God bless all of our American farmers!
You will always have a special place in this American's life!
Speaking of signs...my best friend saw a Turtle crossing one--down in the south, Georgia I believe. NOW I would love to have a photo of that:)
For some other neat road warning signs for reindeer, polar bears, lizards, elephants, Amish buggy and even a camel and more see here
Blessings, Aimee
PS: There should be a warning sign for that HUGE spider I just saw; the one crawling across my mini blinds about three feet or less from me. EW! Good thing my best friend isn't here. She hates spiders the way I HATE snakes.
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