02 November 2009


I've always liked them-
these yellow and black 'pictures' along the roadsides of America (and elsewhere)
And now I've decided to start a collection of them-
well not them because that is against the law...
but images of them.
Besides they take up a lot less room and you can feel good about this type of collection.
One of my favorite signs-
probably because I LOVE horses so very much!
I especially like Arabian and Fjord horses and have
ridden both of them--
but not at the same time of course.
Because if I tried that I would not be riding-I'd be falling...
and I hate falling from a horse;
actually I hate falling from anything.
Speaking of horses...
I used to own one.
Well he was more like a pony
a Welsh one. But I loved him.

I like this sign too because it has kids on a see-saw.
(You know these signs remind me of children's drawings)
And I love see-saws and children too
(especially my grandchildren
and 'little friend')--my best friend's granddaughter.

I certainly can't leave 'Bambi' out of this new collection
That would be wrong
VERY wrong.
And I do so very badly want to be right.

And because I am married to a real Farmer Boy (although we don't live on a farm)
And because I am very partial to farmers and their wives
Especially my honorary 'second' mom who recently celebrated another year of life and blessings....
so this one is in honor of her!
GOD bless you always & forever Mom
God bless all of our American farmers!
You will always have a special place in this American's life!
Speaking of signs...my best friend saw a Turtle crossing one--down in the south, Georgia I believe. NOW I would love to have a photo of that:)
For some other neat road warning signs for reindeer, polar bears, lizards, elephants, Amish buggy and even a camel and more see here
Blessings, Aimee
PS: There should be a warning sign for that HUGE spider I just saw; the one crawling across my mini blinds about three feet or less from me. EW! Good thing my best friend isn't here. She hates spiders the way I HATE snakes.

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