07 July 2014

The "Dog Daies" of Summer

"Dog Daies" -
 July 6 to August 17.
Ah, they're here.
The days I love and the days I love to hate.
Beautiful blue skies
Hotter then I'd like temperatures
Little to no rain
(love hate love-hate?)
Thirsty gardens filled with snakes
(definite hate).
Ripe blueberries and marionberries
(totally LOVE)!
In the garden filled with snakes
Speaking of snakes, do you know I've never seen one on the beach?
I have seen lots of other things though --
like dogs...
fitting photo subjects for this post.

Yep, no snakes here.
Lots of cool birds though...
and blue, blue water.
Lots of dogs...
enjoying their "daies".

Boats, boats and more boats.
Surfers too.

Small white furry one enjoying the "dog daies"
(don't say anything, but she thinks everyday is a dog day).

So what about you?
Do you live for  the 'dog days' and think the warmer the better,
or are you more like these heron and rather spend them with your feet in cool water?
While you ponder that,
I think I'll go 'scarf' down yet another frozen fruit juice bar,
 turn on ALL of our ceiling fans
and think about what to make for dinner that doesn't heat up the house.
Have a blessed, warm week everyone!
"Dog Daies" reference from The Book of Common Prayer, 1552 edition.
Garibaldi and Barview area, north Oregon coast.
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