07 May 2010

For Mother's Day 2010: Of Mom & I

We share similar traits in appearance and tastes
and yet have some differences too.

She liked horses and dogs from childhood;
I always liked horses but the love for dogs had to grow on me
(of course now I can't imagine life without 'Man & Woman's Best Friend').

At one time, she loved the mountains the most, but now prefers the coast;
I will ALWAYS love the mountains more & cannot imagine a day without seeing them;
I should say I love the coast and the Puget Sound too--
if I can see the mountains from them:)
Now I was very shocked to find this---
apparently mom wore mini-skirts before the 60's--well at least for this picture;
she explained her mother had made it for her when I asked about it.
My mom sewed for us too--I remember an emerald green velvet ice-skating outfit she created, and of course I have lots of photos of my sib and I wearing homemade clothes
(well at least when we were very young).
As for mini-skirts, well we won't discuss here my like or dislike for them;
it is pretty well common knowledge to those who know me. And as for sewing---the last project I made was a bedspread and pillow in High School Home Economics (or was it Interior Design); SO wish I had kept up with it--but I still do have that wonderful old sewing machine that Grandma had so maybe one day...
when the remodeling is done whenever that is.
My mom & I.
Similar and yet different in appearance, tastes & life experiences;
but in things most important
values, faith & family
we're the same.
And, someday, I hope to be the Prayer Warrior that she is.
Love you mom
Blessings always,
We both also share a HUGE love for travel--she has traveled as far east in the USA as Tennessee and Ohio; as far west in the USA as Hawaii & Alaska. Her world travels have brought her to China (Guilin & Canton areas), Thailand (Bangkok & refugee camp area), Singapore, Hong Kong & South Korea.
She still would love to make a trip to Ireland & other European nations (so would I)
All photos are scanned family photos of mom and were taken in the PNW & the Rocky Mts
( which reminds me -- we both LOVE the Rockies)

05 May 2010

The Word on Wednesday

On the day before the National Day of Prayer,

a few words from the Lord's Prayer...

“...Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10b KJV
Moss on kiwi

04 May 2010

What am I?

I am one of the easiest plants to grow;
I seem to thrive on neglect.
I like to self sow;
you'll find lots of babies growing near a mature plant.
You can eat my leaves;
they taste a bit like cucumber.
But Aimee grows me mostly because she just thinks I'm pretty.
What am I?

Latest Garden Project: A Wildflower Style Garden

With so many garden projects to do this year, my best friend and I decided to tackle first one of the easiest--a wildflower style garden. Why? Well I have always loved the wildflowers that are normally found in 'wildflower' seed packets--the columbine, poppies, bachelor buttons and more! Secondly, last year, when we were on the Oregon coast, we ate out at a cafe there which had wildflower gardens around it--I was in 'seventh heaven' walking around their gardens and wanted just a piece of that at our home in an area that needs some 'sparkle'. And lastly, the beds we will be using for this project are made of pressure treated wood and I just don't trust it for growing edibles in.
So today we weeded both beds (one will probably be used for lavender later) and then the fun part--a trip to a farm store and nursery to get more poppies (I had already planted some oriental ones there last year; this year I bought some Iceland poppies to add in).
We also picked up some cosmos (yea, cosmos season!) and - of course - some columbine (I can never get too many of these beauties).
Love them!
LOVE them!
There are still some plants to add and some specific seeds to sow too, but I am one step closer to my wildflower-style garden dream being fulfilled:)
Now if I can just find two sturdy, but not too expensive, Adirondack chairs to put under the fruit tree nearby! I can almost imagine relaxing out there with my Farmer Boy now!!
Any garden projects you're dreaming of this year?

Blessings & happy gardening,
One of the raised beds--after weeding.
(The rose in the last section of this first bed will be moved elsewhere soon)
Close up of one of the Oriental poppies--it's an Allegro.
One of the Columbine plants we picked out.
(I have lots more I could transplant in later from other areas. You can also--barely--make out one of the cosmos we picked up. Most are pastel or white.)
Another Columbine we bought.
(First photo is ours as it looks presently; the next one is how it will look when in full bloom)
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