07 May 2010

For Mother's Day 2010: Of Mom & I

We share similar traits in appearance and tastes
and yet have some differences too.

She liked horses and dogs from childhood;
I always liked horses but the love for dogs had to grow on me
(of course now I can't imagine life without 'Man & Woman's Best Friend').

At one time, she loved the mountains the most, but now prefers the coast;
I will ALWAYS love the mountains more & cannot imagine a day without seeing them;
I should say I love the coast and the Puget Sound too--
if I can see the mountains from them:)
Now I was very shocked to find this---
apparently mom wore mini-skirts before the 60's--well at least for this picture;
she explained her mother had made it for her when I asked about it.
My mom sewed for us too--I remember an emerald green velvet ice-skating outfit she created, and of course I have lots of photos of my sib and I wearing homemade clothes
(well at least when we were very young).
As for mini-skirts, well we won't discuss here my like or dislike for them;
it is pretty well common knowledge to those who know me. And as for sewing---the last project I made was a bedspread and pillow in High School Home Economics (or was it Interior Design); SO wish I had kept up with it--but I still do have that wonderful old sewing machine that Grandma had so maybe one day...
when the remodeling is done whenever that is.
My mom & I.
Similar and yet different in appearance, tastes & life experiences;
but in things most important
values, faith & family
we're the same.
And, someday, I hope to be the Prayer Warrior that she is.
Love you mom
Blessings always,
We both also share a HUGE love for travel--she has traveled as far east in the USA as Tennessee and Ohio; as far west in the USA as Hawaii & Alaska. Her world travels have brought her to China (Guilin & Canton areas), Thailand (Bangkok & refugee camp area), Singapore, Hong Kong & South Korea.
She still would love to make a trip to Ireland & other European nations (so would I)
All photos are scanned family photos of mom and were taken in the PNW & the Rocky Mts
( which reminds me -- we both LOVE the Rockies)

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