04 May 2010

Latest Garden Project: A Wildflower Style Garden

With so many garden projects to do this year, my best friend and I decided to tackle first one of the easiest--a wildflower style garden. Why? Well I have always loved the wildflowers that are normally found in 'wildflower' seed packets--the columbine, poppies, bachelor buttons and more! Secondly, last year, when we were on the Oregon coast, we ate out at a cafe there which had wildflower gardens around it--I was in 'seventh heaven' walking around their gardens and wanted just a piece of that at our home in an area that needs some 'sparkle'. And lastly, the beds we will be using for this project are made of pressure treated wood and I just don't trust it for growing edibles in.
So today we weeded both beds (one will probably be used for lavender later) and then the fun part--a trip to a farm store and nursery to get more poppies (I had already planted some oriental ones there last year; this year I bought some Iceland poppies to add in).
We also picked up some cosmos (yea, cosmos season!) and - of course - some columbine (I can never get too many of these beauties).
Love them!
LOVE them!
There are still some plants to add and some specific seeds to sow too, but I am one step closer to my wildflower-style garden dream being fulfilled:)
Now if I can just find two sturdy, but not too expensive, Adirondack chairs to put under the fruit tree nearby! I can almost imagine relaxing out there with my Farmer Boy now!!
Any garden projects you're dreaming of this year?

Blessings & happy gardening,
One of the raised beds--after weeding.
(The rose in the last section of this first bed will be moved elsewhere soon)
Close up of one of the Oriental poppies--it's an Allegro.
One of the Columbine plants we picked out.
(I have lots more I could transplant in later from other areas. You can also--barely--make out one of the cosmos we picked up. Most are pastel or white.)
Another Columbine we bought.
(First photo is ours as it looks presently; the next one is how it will look when in full bloom)

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