25 September 2010

Coastal Wanderings: Scones, Lattes & More

As you probably know by now,
I LOVE farmers, farm stands and farm markets!
And so it was with GREAT delight that we found a new-to-me place to stop on the coast---
Bear Creek Artichokes!!
And here are my top ten reasons for placing this market on my list of places I want to return to!

1) The location--
incredible scenery close at hand and
located next to Highway 101
2) The variety of things for sale--
I didn't even see everything till I was home going through the photos I had taken!

3) The beautiful fruit--
here are several varieties of apples, Seckel pears and Asian pears.
So beautiful!
I honestly wish I could shop at places like this all the time

(we used to have one nearby--sigh--then lost it to 'progress')

4) Beautiful plants, birdbath, birdhouses, other nursery items--
even compost!

5) Need I say more??
Everyone in the PNW knows what walla walla onions are--
tomatoes and more!
Can you see the pretty countryside?

6) Grapes--specifically Niagara & Concord grapes!
These are my absolute, all time favorite--
every year I eagerly await my birthday because it means our grapes will be ripe and ready to eat. I need to confess, seeing these---I couldn't wait and we bought some.
They were all gone within a day or two and my DH doesn't eat them:)

7) I am in LOVE with these tables--
love, love, love them
(and those LOCAL green beans don't look bad either!)
I love stir fried green beans and tofu--

8) And more fresh veggies--
I could make a dinner just from these:)

9) Freshly baked, just out of the oven, warm and incredibly delicious peach scones!

Needless to say these were devoured within minutes--
They also have good lattes and such, according to my coffee loving trip companions!
And ...

10) the LOCAL-to-that area owners were totally awesome!!
Happy Travels & Blessings Always,

Note: TY to the kind owners of Bear Creek Artichokes for giving me permission to post the photos I took there here on AOTM; if you would like to know more about them see their website here. As per the usual--I am in no way associated with them, but thought it a fun place to stop on the northern coast!
Contact Info:
Located just about 11 miles south of Tillamook.
Note to Visitors:
First of all, I want to take a moment to say hi to all blog visitors!
It absolutely amazes me to see that people from the different states, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa have stopped by here! I am humbled by that.
Know that you're welcome-whether you are a one time visitor or a more regular one and
TY for stopping by!
Secondly, I'm seriously thinking about taking a short blogging break (about 1/2 week) to take care of some things. Will continue, upon my return, with some more photos of the Tillamook-Garibaldi area, our fun trip to Mo's--a well known restaurant on the Oregon coast--and ???
See ya then!
God bless,

Coastal Wanderings: Scenic Byway

Highway 101 runs all the way up the coast--
in many places close to or along the Pacific Ocean and bays;
in others it takes a detour inland.
Here are some photos of the region south of Tillamook along the above route...some which includes part of the Siuslaw National Forest.
I agree with this sign--and would add very scenic byway!
It had been so long since I had been on this route only small sections seemed familiar to me.
I loved the small towns,
the pretty barns like this one we passed,

the coastal rivers
(which are popular with fishermen),
the wetlands,
the trees--the many, many trees...

and the many, many scenic views like this one and ...

I think I'd like to live here!
Hope your path leads you through God's handiwork this weekend:)
Note: noticed a bit of early autumn color on the pass this trip, can hardly wait to see more!

23 September 2010

Coastal Wanderings: Tillamook Bay

Late this summer I finally made it to one of the areas

I'd been wanting to see for a very long time:

the beautiful Tillamook Bay area!

Tillamook Bay is located between Cannon Beach and Lincoln City on Highway 101.

Unlike these towns though, Tillamook (the largest town in this area) is located inland of the coast--don't worry, the coast and the famous Three Capes are not far away at all:)

Tillamook is known for the big dairy industry there--

the gorgeous green pastures of the area keep the local cows happy and I love to take photos of them with the coast range in the background!

BTW--this particular photo was taken from the Blue Heron Cafe parking area, where we picked up some goodies, admired the beautiful flowers and made plans to come back sometime and have lunch there (more on them at a later date)!

Notice the wonderful low clouds on the mountains?

I never get enough of the low clouds/fog on our Pacific NW natural features--our waterways, mountains, beaches...it just makes things seem romantic and mysterious!

Highway 101 skirts the gorgeous bay as you head north. After Tillamook you will pass the small communities of Bay City and then -- our destination this time--Garibaldi!

The day was particularly pretty as we had a mixture of clouds and sun...

the route we took went through a bit of the Siuslaw National Forest.

Mountains, rivers and trees--I loved it!

Birds abound all along the bay--we saw seagulls (of course) and also some Blue Herons in this area. BTW---where is that ZOOM lens, Aimee...?

Another thing I never get tired of is the rock formations along the coast and bay. Some day I will post photos of Cannon Beach and you can see one of the most famous ones--Haystack Rock. Actually, there are several Haystack Rocks---one not too far from here...but the most famous is north of here.

Another view -- a bit different lighting conditions. Now this, despite the absence of fogs or low clouds, this scene seems romantic to me too.

A bit inland--a gorgeous church we passed; I have been looking for its history on the web tonight with very little luck thus far. Once I find historical sites I am the type that wants to know all I can about their history.

Since It is after 0200 Thursday AM and since I haven't finished processing them all yet and since I am now exhausted--
I will leave you here with a sunset at the coast. More later:)

- Blessings, Aimee


Soon: More Tillamook Bay and nearby areas...

22 September 2010

The Word on Wednesday

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.

I Corinthians 2:9 KJV


How God loves His children!

Daily we see proof of this in the world all around us--

on the mountains,
in the forests,
in the harvests of the countryside,
on the seashore
and in our own lives!
And yet, there is so much more God wants to give us --
both here on earth
(I am referring to spiritual gifts)
and in the world to come!
May you see His hand at work in your life;
may you seek to draw close to Him.
A summer sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

20 September 2010

Aimee, can we introduce you to your zoom lens--please?

I just don't get it.
I have a zoom lens;
a fairly decent one.
I bought it when I got my new camera earlier this year.
It was one of those package deals.
And I faithfully bring it along everytime I take my camera with me.
Just ask my DH who often has to carry it along with the other stuff I haven't used.
And yet, I still want to believe my DSLR is a point and shoot;
I've yet to even TRY the zoom lens--
even when the photo definitely calls for it.
Go figure...-

Of Wildflowers, Wetland & Food!

Summer ended in the PNW awhile back and now we are just waiting for the calendar to say it is truly autumn! But before I am willing to say farewell to summer on this blog, I want to create some posts for places we visited this summer!
Want to join us?

The first place we'll visit today is on the central Oregon coast--and it just so happens to be a wonderful place to eat (yes, the theme today is FOOD--since I haven't eaten since yesterday)!
But besides great food (you'll see my plate in a few)...I love this place because of the decor--inside and out, the wetland in the back---great for birdwatching from the sunroom where we ate--to the profusion of wildflowers--everywhere!
Come let's explore....
The garden is SO incredible that it was--in large part--the reason I wanted a wildflower garden at my home! Of course, I have a ways to go before I get anywhere close to the garden the owner has created here:) A very long ways!

Did I mention that the name of this wonderful eatery is The Wildflower Grill?
Even the name makes me think of beauty, peace and summery weather!

These are California poppies--they are one of my favorites (mom's too)!
I never get enough of them-along roadsides, in gardens...

And how about this delicate pink? It is so romantic looking...


And my favorite flower (or at least in my top ten from last year) crocosmia!
I WILL never get tired of them:)
I waited so eagerly for mine to emerge this year and
I intend to celebrate every moment of them till the changing weather puts them to sleep for another year:)
Hum, wonder where I put the photos of the wetland behind the restaurant....
oh well take my word for it, it's wonderful too!
And now--before I grab a quick bite myself...
the wonderful French Toast with blueberries that I ordered.
So incredibly yummy!

It makes me wish I was there right now!
The Wildflower Grill, should you be on Oregon's coast, is located in Lincoln City (before you get to the main town). Their contact info is:
4250 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
(541) 994-9663
If you want to see some photos of this area on the Oregon coast please feel free to check out the posts under "coastal areas". Enjoy!
Blessings always,
Photos: all taken at the Wildflower Grill this summer.
Loved the cute decor inside too but have to find those photos:)
TY to the wonderful staff at the grill for giving me permission to post these photos on my blog. As per the usual--I am in no way associated with them, just a happy customer wanting to share a great experience!
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