20 September 2010

Of Wildflowers, Wetland & Food!

Summer ended in the PNW awhile back and now we are just waiting for the calendar to say it is truly autumn! But before I am willing to say farewell to summer on this blog, I want to create some posts for places we visited this summer!
Want to join us?

The first place we'll visit today is on the central Oregon coast--and it just so happens to be a wonderful place to eat (yes, the theme today is FOOD--since I haven't eaten since yesterday)!
But besides great food (you'll see my plate in a few)...I love this place because of the decor--inside and out, the wetland in the back---great for birdwatching from the sunroom where we ate--to the profusion of wildflowers--everywhere!
Come let's explore....
The garden is SO incredible that it was--in large part--the reason I wanted a wildflower garden at my home! Of course, I have a ways to go before I get anywhere close to the garden the owner has created here:) A very long ways!

Did I mention that the name of this wonderful eatery is The Wildflower Grill?
Even the name makes me think of beauty, peace and summery weather!

These are California poppies--they are one of my favorites (mom's too)!
I never get enough of them-along roadsides, in gardens...

And how about this delicate pink? It is so romantic looking...


And my favorite flower (or at least in my top ten from last year) crocosmia!
I WILL never get tired of them:)
I waited so eagerly for mine to emerge this year and
I intend to celebrate every moment of them till the changing weather puts them to sleep for another year:)
Hum, wonder where I put the photos of the wetland behind the restaurant....
oh well take my word for it, it's wonderful too!
And now--before I grab a quick bite myself...
the wonderful French Toast with blueberries that I ordered.
So incredibly yummy!

It makes me wish I was there right now!
The Wildflower Grill, should you be on Oregon's coast, is located in Lincoln City (before you get to the main town). Their contact info is:
4250 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
(541) 994-9663
If you want to see some photos of this area on the Oregon coast please feel free to check out the posts under "coastal areas". Enjoy!
Blessings always,
Photos: all taken at the Wildflower Grill this summer.
Loved the cute decor inside too but have to find those photos:)
TY to the wonderful staff at the grill for giving me permission to post these photos on my blog. As per the usual--I am in no way associated with them, just a happy customer wanting to share a great experience!

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