25 November 2015

Giving Thanks Down By The Riverside

Difficult challenges in life can make you sad, depressed, hopeless, angry and bitter
(been there; done that)
Or they can make you think of all the things in life you are truly and completely grateful for...
kind bloggers,
sunny days,
a pumpkin pie tempting me from our fridge right now,
a sandy beach during HIGH surf,
 a certain lovely river and some of its feathered inhabitants.
Ah, yes. It is THE season for a bird lover like me:)
Just like my feathered friends at the beach,
the feathered friends here by the riverside make me smile...
cause me to admire their beauty and grace as they float with the current
or swim against it.
And their unique characteristics cause me to be filled with joy and a deep sense of wonder!
I may not like the rain of autumn
(though I am very grateful for it after months of drought),
I may not like the cold
(though there is no snow without it and I LOVE snow).
And I may hate the decrease in daylight hours...
but I look forward each autumn to seeing some of the feathered ones
who only visit us at this time of the year.
So, in my little unofficial beauty contest here,
which of the feathered ones is your favorite?
So many to choose from--
ducks, Canadian geese, pigeons, gulls...
I can't choose.
I LOVE them all!
Wishing you all a very blessed and joy-filled Thanksgiving no matter where you live.
Clackamette Park
(located at the confluence of the Clackamas and Willamette rivers)
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