06 April 2013

Sharing Today

I would love to share with you my today.
Unfortunately blogger doesn't seem to want to play.
"Upload failed"

"Server returned invalid response."
it continues to say... 

I'm so tired and frustrated of it acting this way:(
Perhaps later it will let me post photos of forest, mountains, seagulls and bay.
Maybe it will let me do that before the first of May?
Oh well I FINALLY got these 2 photos uploaded this rainy Saturday.
All I can say is okay...blogger YOU won this round today:)
Have a great weekend!
Tillamook Forestry Center
 Are you celebrating Oregon's Arbor Week?

03 April 2013

Holy Week Blessings II

Sometimes blessings show up when we need them the most...
when our hearts ache with the loss of long held dreams.
Sometimes blessings come unexpectedly
 in the form of sunny days in early spring...
Sometimes they come in golden moments at the seashore.
Sometimes blessings take the form of simple play
 and bring back memories of times spent with our children at the same beach.
And all these blessings--
they combine to fill our hearts until they overflow with the sweetness and wonder of it all!
Yes, blessings sometimes show up unexpectedly.
 And we feel reborn when they do.
Have you been the recipient of an unexpected blessing recently?
with our unexpected Holy Week blessings on the central Oregon coast.

02 April 2013

Holy Week Blessings I

Holy Week brought many blessings...
one of those was a journey along a river that I have grown to love
and just can't get enough of!
Our journey again brought me here to this 'secret' place...
where I beheld for the second time the wonders of God's creation.
Such beauty...it literally takes my breath away everytime!
It also humbles me and causes me to look to my Creator and my God.
Such love He has for His children to create such wonders as these!
Our journey also brought us here,
to this area...
in a tranquil setting of tall evergreens, a creek and more.
Gorgeous, awesome, beautiful, powerful, gentle, lovely, scenic, wild, tranquil...
are there enough adjectives to truly describe the beauty of this area?
I don't think so;
you really have to be there...
to smell the fragrance of nature,
to hear for yourself the sounds of running water,
to feel the emotions I feel everytime I am there...
It is indeed a place where the glory of God is unmistakable...
All Thy works shall praise Thee, O LORD;
and Thy saints shall bless Thee.
Psalm 145:10 KJV
But Holy Week brought other blessings and other memories.
Did it bring you any?
In beautiful Linn county (of course).
LOVE those Class IV-V rapids:)

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