05 May 2014

Monday Random

She left us on a on a weekday afternoon and I missed her terribly within...
5 minutes or so.
I really did :(

But time marches on and today I am back to my more usual routine--
cleaning house,
doing laundry,
listening to some good talk shows,
catching up on blogs I follow
(I am about 1/3 done with that delightful activity)
and observing the ever-changing weather outside
(and one very persistent bird who kept flying into our windows earlier this morn).
Since I need to get back to work
(because I am SO far behind after a week entertaining Small One),
how about a few random photos on this cloudy, sunny, showery, windy, calm Monday?
Found this lovely peony in one of my favorite mountain valleys.
I love peonies and I am thinking my garden might need one or two.
Alas, I think we are lacking room for more plants
(although this article on hugelkultur raised garden beds got me
thinking about some more possible areas we might use for planting)
Looks very, very interesting!
I did say these were random photos...
very random
The above photo is of DDD (dear daughter dog),
of course,
 this is probably the moment it dawned on her that
taking a trip to the Vet is not the same as taking a trip to the beach.
Poor DDD!
She had to have three vaccinations that day 
and then had to share her beloved Papi with Small One for more then a week.
Poor spoiled and very loved DDD...
She is now back into her usual routine of
being spoiled,
being petted,
sleeping on the bed,
getting doggie cookies and
ruling the 'roost'
(or so she thinks).
A quick capture of some of our beautiful natives playing in a mountain meadow...
it was one of those unexpected blessings you see occasionally as you drive along our rural roads
(it's SO nice that today's phones come equipped with cameras isn't it?)
I am thinking that Small One needs garden gloves that are a BIT smaller
 if she's going to help out in the garden...
So much is happening outside right now.
Blooms of pink, white, orange, yellow and more!
LOVE springtime in the PNW!
And I especially love the month of May:)
Interesting sign...
Do you have newts where you live?
This was the first caution sign I've ever seen for them
It's time to get back to work...
Wishing you all a beautiful spring day!
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