04 June 2015

That's History: A Certain Burger Family + The House That is No More

Yep, I recall those days.
The days of the Burger Family.
May 2012
Cold frosty glass mugs filled with yummy root beer...
Hot burgers of varying sizes with familiar names...
Yep, I remember.
Do you?
Found this bit of history on a drive through Hillsboro some years ago
(as opposed to a drive-thru...) LOL
Kind of makes me hungry for a baby burger, a float and maybe, just maybe, some French fries.
Good thing the Farmer Boy is asleep and I hate driving at night.
Oh well...
Another memory from the past some  might be familiar with is this building found on Highway 47...
 for years it has stood (well more or less stood) near Forest Grove.
We always looked for it and I think my parents had an ongoing joke that it
would be their retirement home someday.
It probably was quite nice in its time
(I have a thing for old houses).
A fairly well known landmark,
over time wind, storms, rain, age and more took its toll. 
You could see its days were numbered...
Then, very early this year,
when traveling through the area,
 I noticed something was very, very wrong!
Oh, oh.
Sadly I didn't get a photo then...
but next trip through I snapped several.
I shall miss her.
The area just doesn't seem the same.
BTW, because I always, always just HAVE to know
this was the Heesacker house and
you can find a couple of interesting articles on its history on Oregon Live.
The first is from July 2013 and the second is from autumn of 2014 shortly after she collapsed.
 Well that's all on history for the blog tonight.
Now it's time to work on my family history.

01 June 2015

Of Heritage Celebrations, A Very Special Iris Garden + Going Home

Recently, one of my ancestral clans--the Macfie clan--observed a special day, and I, of course,  
decided it was a great excuse to have a bit of a celebration and try out some new recipes too.
As usual, I did tons of planning--
even if there was just going to be the two of us---
and then REAL life interfered and I postponed everything for a day.  
But the following day, a Thursday, REAL life actually allowed me to make 
a version of traditional Scottish Shepherd's Pie
(albeit a somewhat easier version) AND dinner was only a little late that evening.

Of course, I also took the time to dig out my one and only Scottish tartan
 (stored safely away from any and all wool loving moths) to use as a table runner...
I guess I should pause right now,
for all you tartan experts out there,
and for any Macfie clan descendants too,
and say that this is NOT the correct tartan for the Macfies...
in my somewhat weak defense,
I am descended from quite a few clans (probably 6 or 7) AND
I figured my honorable ancestors, of the Macfie clan, would be OK with me using a different tartan as they did intermarry with the Macfarlane clan--as well as other clans--here in the New World.
(Besides I have both Macfie and Macfarland blood in me from those lovely matches AND I was trying to be thrifty and not buy everything at the Scottish shop a few years ago. LOL)
Shall we continue?
Yes? OK.
Too full from lamb, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and carrots,
I held off on the shortbread part of the dessert till the next day...
and, even if it wasn't homemade, it was pretty tasty stuff!
(I ask you, how can the lovely combination of raspberries, butter,
white chocolate
 and other yummy ingredients be anything but good?)
Finally, I hope to finish off my very own Scottish celebration by making some cranachan this week.
(Cranachan is a traditional dessert made of toasted oats, whipped cream, raspberries and honey)
I have been wanting to try some since a couple of years ago when
Jackie at Homestead Wannabes posted about it.
Here's the link to her recipe:
Who knows? Maybe real life will allow me to make my own shortbread this week too.
Jackie has made her OWN haggis also --
now that is just super amazing:)
Well enough of the celebrating and on to flowers!
For awhile now, I had been wanting to visit a
particular iris garden, but it never worked out.
Until this year that is.

Besides their countless varieties of irises
(so frilly and some nicely fragrant), the gardens were filled with...

a HUGE variety of other flowers...
and a very adorable bunny I ALMOST got a picture of:)

They had two large display gardens --
and a lovely woodland in between.
There was also a pond, a garden shop (closed when we were there)
 and fields filled with even more irises!
Clematis, roses, columbines (always a favorite of mine!), peonies,
poppies, tall rhododendrons and so much more--I can't
even list the wide variety of plants we saw there.
LOVED it:) 
Lots of green grass in between the landscaped beds,
a "hidden" garden feel,
shady AND sunny areas were all BIG pluses too!

It truly was one of the most peaceful places I have been to--
a place, filled with many Adirondack benches and chairs which seemed to say "Stay and sit awhile".
I will definitely try to make it back there next year!
Oh, oh.
Definitely well PAST bedtime here...
guess the "going home" part of this post will have to wait for another day
Happy June 1st to you!
A recipe for Shepherd's Pie
(I had to substitute and change some things because it was THAT type of day--
note to self: allow more time when trying a recipe for the first time).
Garden/flower photos:
All taken this spring at Schreiner's Iris Garden in the Salem area.
Here is a link to them: http://www.schreinersgardens.com/
Yes, this is another one of THOSE early morning posts as I totally
expect REAL LIFE to interfere with internet time today so am doing it now...
thanks for AGAIN choosing to forgive any and all mistakes :)

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