19 November 2016

On Into Idaho

Crossing over the Snake River we entered into the state of Idaho. Here's a few pictures I took during our time there-not necessarily in order of course:) Since I was still in the dining area of our RV and since the windows were still icky...well you know.

I always enjoy seeing the windmills of the Gorge, Wyoming and Idaho. 
These things are huge!

Somewhere in Idaho. I liked the colors. 

We ended up in Glenn's Ferry this time through and it was fun to see this historical town! It would be on my list of things to see should we go this way again. Also it would be fun to see the Three Island Crossing State Park area sometime. 
(if you guessed that black thing in the photo as being our rear view mirror,
give yourself a big pat on the back. LOL).

A closer view of the wagon and another part of our RV in the photo...LOL

More Idaho. Not sure when I took this particular photo,
but the lighting in the very early morning was just beautiful-both here and in Wyoming.

Spotted this guy somewhere between Boise and the border on our way back through Idaho.
 Isn't he adorable? 
Haven't been able to find out anymore about him though...
anyone know?

Next up: Utah!


A final note-
Many years ago, 
after a VERY distressing incident brought on by MY own actions, 
I made a decision to keep this blog a politics-free zone 
and have done so for the last three Presidential elections. 
Since then, incidents in my life have 
confirmed that this was the right decision for me...
in fact, given the often very stressful circumstances of my life and my personality, 
it was absolutely vital.

I want this blog to be a place of peace--
I NEED this blog to be a place of peace--
a place anyone, no matter their political affiliation, 
no matter their personal convictions and beliefs, 
can feel comfortable, 
can feel welcome, 
can feel loved. 

I need that for you
I need that for me.
I hope you will understand. 


15 November 2016

First Things First: Oregon

Sorry about the delay in posting but we were enjoying another RV adventure-
albeit a much shorter one:)

Continuing with Aimee's Cross Country Adventure...
All adventures have a starting point--
we'll start our little trip here in the lovely Columbia River Gorge around sunrise. Since we traveled a lot in the pre-dawn hours, I saw a LOT of sunrises-a lot of gorgeous sunrises!

Pre-dawn photo of the Columbia River Gorge

Early morning fishermen on the Columbia River

Since most of the photos in Oregon were taken from my chosen seat-in the dinette area of our home on wheels-and since there was some kind of icky film/scum on the windows, the photos are a bit imperfect (okay a lot), but hopefully they'll be sufficient to give you a taste of the beauty that can be found east of the Cascades...

The famous poplar tree forest in the Boardman area. 
Sigh, the famous soon-to-be-cut poplar tree forest.
BIG sigh. 
A trip through the Gorge won't be the same without it-
it has already changed from several years ago.

The also famous (I could say infamous) Emigrant Hill - AKA Cabbage Hill.
A lovely trip up, up, up into the Blue Mountains and
on the way back,
 a lovely trip down, down, down-past 2 runaway truck ramps. It's a trip you'll never forget...
(an older post with more pics is here)

 A quick photo at the top-our reward for making it up the hill:)

Autumn color in the Blue Mountains--
we saw a LOT of autumn color on our trip.
I LOVE autumn!

 Love Baker City but sadly there was no time to explore it more on this trip. 
One day I am going to make it to the Oregon Trail Center here though--one day!

Some of the old buildings in the area east of Baker City

I was glad to see the old mysterious plant at Lime wasn't ALL gone. 

Next: Idaho and Utah


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