09 June 2015

Answering The Call Of The Cove

This past weekend brought two lovelies into my life--
the first was a predicted negative low tide in several places;
the second was a certain lovely Small One who came to spend the weekend.
With that winning combination, it was a given we'd be exploring tidepools somewhere...
and, after some research I knew just which beach.
It was a beach from my childhood.
A beach with a pretty little creek that flows into the sea,
a lovely little cove and tidepools!
And as luck would have it, we arrived to some very lovely fog which made it all the more magical!
With high temperatures forecasted for the valley,
and this being a popular state park, I expected crowds.
Surprisingly, the parking lot was nearly empty.
My thanks to the following for the lovely almost empty parking lot:
the Goonie Festival (Astoria)
and the Rose Festival (Portland),
the forecast of lovely fog,
those who love to sleep in on the weekends
the wonderful timing for the negative low tide.
Thank YOU, thank you all!
The north part of the beach was a different world--
a lovely rocky world with...

colorful agates and assorted pebbles

and sea life.
I loved it a lot...
even after I slipped on a rock right into a tidepool I still loved it!
Even with an ankle that's still a bit sore and a scrapped up face,
I STILL loved it!
And I will...

I WILL be back.
After all, my camera survived the fall:)

Oregon Coast Trail Guide for the area (pdf file)
Fogarty Creek State Park (state park info)
About tide tables
All about tidepools (species, safety and more)
The tide was forecast to be -1.2 when we went. LOVE those negative low tides!
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