04 May 2013

Early May Garden

Seems like spring is acting much more like summer these days!
Temps in the 80's,
clear blue skies,
windows open to let in a breeze,
weeds growing--well, like weeds,
 capri's, shorts, sandals, tee shirts in place of jeans and sweats,
and in our garden...
one of my favorite rhodies is starting to bloom.
Since I got it from my second dad,
a former nurseryman,
its bloom is extra special to me...
Each of my plants has a history and each of them brings back memories of trips to the coast,
my 'second' dad's farm, nurseries here and there, and more.
OK, before I get a little mushy here...
In the back yard, on the arbor, the kiwi is getting ready to bloom too...
last year's harvest was abundantly amazing!
I'm hoping this year's will be the same because then we have plenty to giveaway again.   
Also in the back, our blackberries
(marion and waldoberries)
are filled with blossoms.
I am thinking smoothies,
made with yogurt and homegrown fruit,
for this summer. 
I have some other ideas for our fruit too...
do you have any favorite recipes?
Hope you aren't tired of columbine photos yet,
because every spring I find more...
Another thing I am finding more of this year is birds...
every day they sing me sweet melodies
and today,
two hummingbirds were flying up on our north deck!
In case you didn't know,
I am a BIG fan of birds and I am really fond of hummingbirds.
By the way,
Farmer Boy tells me that 'our' hummingbirds are very fond of the blueberries
 that are blooming right now:)
And the BIGGEST news...
we now have roses!
Actually from the look of things,
we have had them for awhile now...
We also have Irises,
a beautiful show of dogwood bracts,
several azaleas with more to come...
and daffodils
(yes, you 'heard' me correctly). 
What's growing in your garden these days?

29 April 2013

Springtime in the Coast Range

Tell me we're going on a drive in the mountains and
 I can be ready to go in about 15 minutes or so no matter the season.
I LOVE them that much!
But one of my most favorite seasons to be in the mountains is springtime--
because of the waterfalls, fresh green of the foliage and, well, so much more!
One of the waterfalls we passed...
can I just say my love of waterfalls and desire to get a nice photo of them
vastly overcomes ANY fear of coming in contact with poison oak.
So far I've been lucky:)
By the way,
this is a great time of the year to see waterfalls
and I have some more travel plans in mind:)
After a rather scary scramble downhill, we arrived on the bank of a river...
it was beautiful down there!
The lake we saw a bit earlier was really pretty too--  
I LOVE to explore new areas on any of the trips we take...
but when my hubby turned left way before we were supposed to,
my heart got a mini 'workout'...
fortunately he had no intention of going too far on that particular road:)
Up on one of the 'viewpoints' we hiked too...
I would love to know the name of this particular flowering bush...
although this photo doesn't quite do it justice:(
One complaint here...
why, just because it's public land,
do people think they have the right to do anything they feel like?
It doesn't take long to pick up your litter and those coming after sure appreciate not finding trash while they take in all the beauty up there!
BTW, please feel free to insert your own deep sad sigh and irritated growl here
as I do everytime I see this.
On the road again...SO much green!
 And with that I will bid you adieu for today as
I have a somewhat shorter journey to make today...
it's time to check my laundry drying outside and hope I see another hummingbird:)
Wishing you peace and love...
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