30 June 2012

What Is It?

Here it is...
here is my mystery
I need to solve it,
because it's driving me crazy not knowing.
Now if I had been a good photographer,
I would have shot this with a zoom lens...
but I didn't.
Still I have to know---
so here are the clues to this mystery.

The Mystery:
What is that formation in the background?

 the beach at Barview County Park, Garibaldi.
This is on the beach, located north of the northernmost jetty
looking north.

 Twin Rocks,
as seen from the south?
If so it doesn't look at all like it.
The Tillamook Head Lighthouse?
I would think we are way too south on the coast to see this former lighthouse, now columbarium...
aren't we?
My eyes want to make that top part into a lighthouse...
am I just wishful thinking?
Or is it something else?

Update: Mystery solved....I know what it is now, do you?
I first found the answer here:
(the author describing what he saw at the Barview County Park beach looking north)
And you can see a very nice closeup of what is on that rock here:
(you will think you are there with the sounds and sights of one of my fav places)
And the answer is:
Twin Rocks
(a view from a beach north of the rocks).
Isn't is amazing how a different perspective changes everything?
I would have said it was a lighthouse too:)

29 June 2012

Grandma Truths

How can it be that someone so very small can touch your heart in such a very big way?
© 2012 A.Blessings
How can it be that seeing things through their eyes is like seeing them for the first time--
all over again?
© 2012 A.Blessings
And how can it be that this happens over and over again with each new grandchild?
© 2012 A.Blessings
How can it be that one's heart can sing so loudly with joy
 when you see your grandchild loving the same things you also hold dear?
© 2012 A.Blessings

or when something small you do makes your little one smile?

© 2012 A.Blessings
© 2012 A.Blessings
How can it be that one can be this blessed?
How can one deserve the gift of love they bring our way?
How can it be that it seems they give more to us than we could ever give to them?

© 2012 A.Blessings
But, oh how can one's heart break in two when we must say goodbye to the
 little ones that have stolen our hearts:(
Missing all of my grandchildren today;
sending you my love everyday!
May God bless and keep you till we meet again
(and may that be very, very soon).
Grandma Aimee
Photographs taken June 2012 at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center
and at my current favorite beach on the central Oregon coast.

28 June 2012

A Walk Amidst the Roses: A Trip to Heirloom Roses

While I again readjust to LAK - life after kids (+ grandkids)
and bemoan my fate as a grandma who lives thousand of miles away
from the aforementioned loved ones,
I thought a walk in a rose garden might improve my normally sunny disposition...
so off we went (we being a good friend and I) to one of my favorite places.
As you can see, it was a perfect day;
the kind that has healing effects on body and soul.
The flowers, as always, were gorgeous and we spent a lot of time breathing in their fragrance
and admiring their beauty!
Of course, it wasn't the best time for photography...
but oh well that just means I will have to make a return trip:) 
It was heavenly being surrounded by roses of every kind:
climbers, old garden, miniatures, English legend and more.
The perfume scented air, the birds, the dragonfly, the incredible colors and blooms!
As always I was drawn to the pinks...
could it be the influence of seeing so much pink on my granddaughter?
Yikes, I mentioned the 'g' word...
back to the flowers and the amazing garden:)
 This one's color was stunning!
I think I need a larger yard.
 I think I need a full time gardener.
I think I'm going to have to come back here soon... 
I think I'm going to have to save the rest for another post:)

If you love roses,
what is your favorite one?
Do you have a rose garden?


A BIG thank you to the staff at Heirloom Roses who extended us a great deal of assistance during our time there; you are awesome! Also, thank you to them for graciously allowing me to post photos of the garden here on my blog--appreciate that:) For those interested you can see more photos of roses and learn more about their care and even order some, if you would like, at Heirloom Roses' great website here.
As is always the case, unless I specifically state otherwise, I am in no way associated with Heirloom Roses except for being a fellow rose lover! Oh yes, and a happy customer.

25 June 2012

In the Early Summer Garden

My youngest granddaughter loves to spend time outdoors in the gardens.
She plays with our dogs,
eats the ripe fruit,
hunts for snakes with her grandfather
and gathers flower bouquets.
Fortunately, a lot of beautiful flowers are blooming now:)
 All of our lavender---
by the way,
we passed by a lavender farm this weekend,
on one of our journeys,
and they were open...
so if you have never been to one,
I highly suggest a trip
(if you have been to one, I don't need to suggest a trip...LOL)
Here is a link to some Oregon lavender farms...
I've been to three--so far...
 Caneberries--we still have blossoms, but also fruit now
(of course the fruit won't be ripe till later this summer).
We have two types--waldoberries (thornless)
and marionberries.
I guess we actually have three,
if you count the wild blackberries...
One of our daylilies--in the upper pond area.
I love these plants,
especially after a rain shower:) 
 Evergreen huckleberries
(unripe). I love this plant and would grow it even if it did not produce fruit;
another PNW native I like is salal.
I never get tired of salal.
Last year a friend made me a salal wreath for our anniversary;
you probably already know that florists use salal as part of flower arrangements.
One of our heirloom apples--isn't the color amazing?
This was a GOOD year for our three heirloom apples;
a very good year! 
 Blueberries---this is one of two Earliblue plants
(one, sadly our oldest one, is not thriving and will be replaced soon).
My granddaughter and I share a love of blueberries:)
This year will see large harvests!
And last, but not least,
one of our gooseberries...
have you ever had a gooseberry?
These are not quite ripe,
but we are eating them anyway:)

What is growing in your garden this week?
Do you have any plans for new plants?
We are thinking of adding a red gooseberry
(it is a sweeter type and very, very yummy)
and another blueberry.
I love gardens, don't you?

And now?
Now it's time for Aimee to get busy cleaning...

24 June 2012

Sunday Scripture

Some days,
some weeks,
some months
and even some years
can leave us asking 'Why?'...
the last few years of my life have found me asking that many, many times.
But when I take a drive up a beautiful, tree-lined mountain road
or see a hummingbird fly by my kitchen window,
or a squirrel by the side of a country road, 
I find my focus turning from me
and the 'why's' that may never find their answer on earth,
to the beautiful created world around me...
and it is then I find myself grateful for what our loving God, the Creator, has given me
and I find my current problems seem a bit less painful.

And later,
when I sit down and read His Message to me,
the Holy Bible,
I see that,
no matter what I face here,
He will use that problem,
that circumstance,
that trial,
that cross
for my good.

And sometimes He even lets me see how. 

And we know that all things work together
for good to them that love God,
 to them who are the called
according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28 KJV

May you grow in your love for God this week.
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