25 June 2012

In the Early Summer Garden

My youngest granddaughter loves to spend time outdoors in the gardens.
She plays with our dogs,
eats the ripe fruit,
hunts for snakes with her grandfather
and gathers flower bouquets.
Fortunately, a lot of beautiful flowers are blooming now:)
 All of our lavender---
by the way,
we passed by a lavender farm this weekend,
on one of our journeys,
and they were open...
so if you have never been to one,
I highly suggest a trip
(if you have been to one, I don't need to suggest a trip...LOL)
Here is a link to some Oregon lavender farms...
I've been to three--so far...
 Caneberries--we still have blossoms, but also fruit now
(of course the fruit won't be ripe till later this summer).
We have two types--waldoberries (thornless)
and marionberries.
I guess we actually have three,
if you count the wild blackberries...
One of our daylilies--in the upper pond area.
I love these plants,
especially after a rain shower:) 
 Evergreen huckleberries
(unripe). I love this plant and would grow it even if it did not produce fruit;
another PNW native I like is salal.
I never get tired of salal.
Last year a friend made me a salal wreath for our anniversary;
you probably already know that florists use salal as part of flower arrangements.
One of our heirloom apples--isn't the color amazing?
This was a GOOD year for our three heirloom apples;
a very good year! 
 Blueberries---this is one of two Earliblue plants
(one, sadly our oldest one, is not thriving and will be replaced soon).
My granddaughter and I share a love of blueberries:)
This year will see large harvests!
And last, but not least,
one of our gooseberries...
have you ever had a gooseberry?
These are not quite ripe,
but we are eating them anyway:)

What is growing in your garden this week?
Do you have any plans for new plants?
We are thinking of adding a red gooseberry
(it is a sweeter type and very, very yummy)
and another blueberry.
I love gardens, don't you?

And now?
Now it's time for Aimee to get busy cleaning...


by Teresa said...

That was a fun tour of your garden goodies! There was a gooseberry bush here on the farm when we moved here, but it didn't last for some reason. I'm not a fan of them as they're so tart! :-) Gorgeous color on your baby apples! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Lovely plants growing, Aimee!
After failing every time I have planted hollyhocks I bought some that are already two feet tall and ready to be planted today. Hooray!
I also found some nasturtiums that are well started and a sun gold cherry tomato plant to add to the other plants we planted weeks ago. I still want to grow sweetpeas, but have not been able to from seeds thus far...but have not given up yet :)
May you and yours have fruitful days :)
Gracie <3

aimee said...

Good Monday to you! I am glad you enjoyed my little tour:) Gooseberries are quite sour that is for sure! I used to suck on lemons so for me they are fine--maybe I am a sourpuss?? LOL You might try the red ones; when they are ripe, they are perfection! The green ones are good too with added sugar (for those who aren't sourpusses like me).
Aren't those heirloom apples beautiful? I don't remember them ever looking that great! Now, I need to find what variety I planted there so I can figure out there harvest date...I am already eager to eat some!

aimee said...

Oh I hope you will post some photos of your hollyhocks! I love flowers and they are beautiful! Sun gold cherry tomatoes are GOOD! In fact, I think that is what I had my friend pick up for me---I remember them as deliciously sweet:)
Ahhh-sweet peas...they are wonderful! I have never grown them; I think my SIL does though. Do you soak your seeds first?
Have a blessed Monday eve!

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