11 September 2015

Pieces + Potpourri

Wow has it been a busy and stressful (but very blessed) last two weeks!
Our repair job is progressing nicely, but was more challenging than originally thought
and some of it will have to be postponed till next year...
SO happy that my DH is part mountain goat!
SO happy that God truly does hear our prayers!
SO thankful for families that won't take no for an answer and
head over to help with huge tarps during windy days
(yep, they're part mountain goat too--unlike Miss Aimee)
Anyway, I don't want to bore you too much with details like
a smashed car window,
locked brakes on an RV,
NO snake sightings in like forever,
chopped down plants that have a tie to President Hoover
(more about that one on another day),
new (and MUCH) improved Internet service,
Oh and someone you know is going to be a...soon:)
But I don't want to bore you with all the details that make up my sometimes crazy life,
so it's on to photo time. Here's a few photos from the Ilahee Siletz Pow Wow we attended in the amazing Siletz River Valley with the Small One--of course!
After choosing one of the shuttle pick up sites in Siletz, we were soon picked up
by a wonderful mini bus and driven to the Pow Wow grounds at Government Hill.
A long, long time ago I attended the pow wow here and just never forgot that memorable celebration.
The beautiful, symbolic regalia of the dancers,
the wonderful food,
the deep respect and honor that the Native Americans pay to their elders
(and the Veterans)...
the lovely wooded setting.
I was beyond thrilled (and almost in tears during the Grand Entry) for getting to be there again!

Did I say food?
Totally yummy, indescribably delicious food?
Well, yes I did and here's one of my (and now Small One's favs)--
Indian frybread.
Just thinking about it's deliciousness is killing me...
I had my first fry bread at Kah Nee Ta, a resort on the Warm Springs Reservation in central Oregon where we used to go frequently as kids and hang out with the bears at their super large heated pools.
It is one of my goals--should our projects ever slow down--to make it this autumn.
Small One and I ate our snow cones on a hillside.
There we were blessed to see some beautiful young girls practicing their dance steps.
It was incredible...
lovely young Native women continuing the traditions of their people to the deep,
pounding rhythm of the drums.
For our next dining location, we were on another hillside in another wooded area where we were entertained blessed by a lovely butterfly that was also dancing--but on the winds.
Fabulous day.
A lovely, hospitable people that I learn from every time I am blessed to be in their presence.
Well, duty calls so more on another day!
Oh--before I go.
Some snake trivia for you.
Did you know that rattlesnakes used to live in the Willamette Valley?
Oh yes, and there are still some places where they can be found.
BTW, for other snake-phobes like me, beware as the link above has lovely
(or unlovely) photos of the slithery ones :(
It is interesting history though.
Another snake fact (maybe?).
I thought, though I may not have heard correctly, that on the news recently they said
snakes are more cranky in the autumn before they hibernate? Anyone know? Personally, I am hoping for an early snake hibernation this year:)
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