21 January 2012

Photo Potpourri

The holidays have ended,

grandchildren have returned to their homes,

blue skies have been replaced by snow, rain, winds and snow.

It is January.

lots and lots of raindrops--

not on roses

a windy look at bamboo and winter camellia

perfect duck and beaver weather

or perhaps...

more suiting for huskies.

I know that is my preference.

It's the time between the Season of Christmas--

the season of the Light

and the day we celebrate love.

I am looking forward to it.

Are you planning anything special for Valentine's Day?



Photos: a mixture of photos taken this month in our garden, at my sibling's and last---the delicious gift my oldest son surprised us with today. In a few minutes some of these yummies he baked will be history...

18 January 2012

Scenes of the Season: Season of Discovery

Oh to be like a child for just a few minutes everyday...

to be open to new discoveries,

to see new things,

to bring a little bit of spring into the winter of other's lives,

to be willing to try new things without any fear of embarrassment,

to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Let's do it,

let's take a few minutes every day to be childlike.

Blessings, Aimee



exploring the world of the model train

(and -- not shown -- petting a cat)

watching a Japanese chef prepare food

showing grandma her masterpiece

(my beautiful oldest granddaughter's artwork)

wearing grandma's gift of a napkin scarf

rocking in grandma's baby rocker
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