08 February 2014

Snow Garden 2014

As I sit here, the wind is blowing like crazy and the skies appear
 to be a lighter shade of gray then earlier today.
The snow has stopped--for the moment--and everywhere I look there is such incredible beauty!
I LOVE this kind of snow--dry, powdery, gorgeous--and all I would wish for now is two things:
NO freezing rain AND a bit of blue sky.
Well, I guess, three things...I hope (and pray) that our electricity stays on.
And now, a few photos -
some taken through our, badly in need of spring cleaning, windows
some taken outside with an older camera
(was a bit nervous to use the newer one in these conditions).
Aimee's kind of snow angel:)
Snow lantern--still with the wrong top:)

Cool, really cool, garden seating
(and you thought I was going to say snow bench, didn't you?)
Snow lady

Snow, snow and more snow
(the birds are NOT as happy as they were yesterday)

Stay safe this weekend...
stay safe and keep warm.
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