08 December 2011

An Advent Journey

I have been on a journey this Advent.

Sometimes I have chosen the right path--
the one that led me upwards and closer to the Light.

But sometimes I have taken my focus off that goal and become lost.
Recently though,

I found my way back.

I found the way after I realized that I had, again,
been drawn away, by the allure of man-made things--
beautiful things, yes,
but things that ultimately failed to truly satisfy this deep thirsting of my soul and also

things that were quickly becoming obstacles in my Advent journey.

Now, I have learned that the beauty I was seeking this Season
is to be found only in Him and

that if I trust Him and keep my eyes on the reason for the Season,
that He will lead me
by His never-ending grace and mercy.

That He will show me more of the Living Water, if I take time to let Him,

and that when this Season of Advent is over,
I will find that my thirst has been quenched and my spirit blessed.

May you find blessings this Advent also.

Note: Photos #4 + 5 were taken at the site of a man-made dam that failed decades ago.

07 December 2011

December Roses

Jewel colored leaves still on many trees,

late autumn harvests,

days and days of dry weather

and now I present,

for your viewing pleasure and mine..

roses from our garden earlier this week!

You gotta LOVE Advent roses:)



05 December 2011

A Sunday Drive with DDD

It was time for another drive with dear daughter dog-

after all her older brother is always going bye bye without her.

It all started out well--

excited daughter dog;

avid and equally excited photographer and dog loving mom.

Up-up-up winding, twisty, narrow mountain roads.

Past forests, past scenic viewpoints...

more winding road.

Note to self: DDD doesn't do winding roads;

DDD definitely doesn't do winding, twisty mountain roads.

Poor baby daughter dog--

getting carsick twice is no fun at all

and a doggie cookie will definitely NOT make it better:(


December Leaves

Not sure what to think anymore.

Sunny skies day after day are NOT part of late autumn in the PNW

(at least west of the Cascades that is).

And leaves?

Leaves still on some trees?

I don't think so--but this year they are.

All I can say is beautiful...

and amazing!

I wonder what winter will bring;

I wonder if we will have a normal NW winter.

I guess we'll soon find out--

don't let my neighbors know,

but I am hoping for snow.

Advent Blessings, Aimee

Photos: taken this weekend.

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