08 December 2011

An Advent Journey

I have been on a journey this Advent.

Sometimes I have chosen the right path--
the one that led me upwards and closer to the Light.

But sometimes I have taken my focus off that goal and become lost.
Recently though,

I found my way back.

I found the way after I realized that I had, again,
been drawn away, by the allure of man-made things--
beautiful things, yes,
but things that ultimately failed to truly satisfy this deep thirsting of my soul and also

things that were quickly becoming obstacles in my Advent journey.

Now, I have learned that the beauty I was seeking this Season
is to be found only in Him and

that if I trust Him and keep my eyes on the reason for the Season,
that He will lead me
by His never-ending grace and mercy.

That He will show me more of the Living Water, if I take time to let Him,

and that when this Season of Advent is over,
I will find that my thirst has been quenched and my spirit blessed.

May you find blessings this Advent also.

Note: Photos #4 + 5 were taken at the site of a man-made dam that failed decades ago.

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