08 October 2013

Amidst the Pumpkins: Bauman Farm

It isn't autumn for me,
 until I've had at least one pumpkin smoothie
(slurp, done!),
enjoyed a cup of hot apple cider
(VERY yummy with a splash of salted caramel as I found out recently),
toured a kiwi farm
(baby and fuzzy kiwi--nom nom),
viewed my favorite tree adorned in it's fall finery
(aspen, Sunday under a blue sky)
been to a pumpkin patch!
Yesterday was my day to checkout the latter,
as well as spy out places to take the grandchildren--should the 'need' ever arise.
it just SO happened a friend had business to take care of in the Woodburn area
AND has some grandkids of her own so wanted to check out the place too:)
So that's how we found ourselves at Bauman Farm in Gervais, Oregon!
After some long chats with a couple of staff there
(these people know the meaning of GREAT customer service let me tell you) and a bit of browsing,
we went into one of the buildings to admire the gorgeous display of ornamental corn...
I felt like a kid in a candy store!

In addition to the ornamental corn,
the farm had tons of squash, sweet corn,
pumpkin (yep I bought a pie pumpkin), gourds...
well the list just goes on for they have a farm store with a bakery and a whole lot of apples and veggies, jams and more!

I NEED me another scarecrow,
and this one was adorable--
but I restrained myself
(at least on this -- my first visit there).
Wonder if I could make one?
Or more then one...
has anyone done so?

This little ornamental plant caught me eye!
It's called 'pumpkin on a stick'.
LOVE it!
Mmm. Love those mums too:)

It's a very happy place!
Everyone seemed to be having a good time--
kids and adults alike.

Of course we had to stroll by the famous Pumpkin Hill.

And being an animal LOVER--the barn was a MUST!

And I had to check out the
(for a comparison check out the fire extinguisher on the wall)
Lots of activities to do on a weekday
but even more on a weekend--
one that I would LOVE to do is some 'gem mining'.
Just like my grandpa--well sort of:)

I just have to go back--
we have a maze to conquer,
more apple cider to buy,
a bug train to catch,
a fort to explore--
after all autumn and pumpkin patches come just ONCE a year:)
In addition to exploring the joys of autumn we've been hard at work on my little dream-come-true
(hence the fewer blog posts),
doing some autumn cleaning
(ditto the above statement),
and trying to get healthier
(ditto, ditto).
has got me motivated to do some walking daily
(ditto, ditto, ditto).
I LOVE autumn!
What aspect of autumn do you enjoy the most?
A HUGE thank you to Bauman Farms which gave me permission to take
"hundreds" of photos and post them here:)
Here is their link should you be in the area
(or just wanting a great day trip)
As always, I am not associated with the farm except as a happy visitor:)
Sorry guys and gals, because of the number of places we went to
 yesterday, I didn't have my DSLR with me. Hope you still enjoy the photos!
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