13 January 2014

Indulging Myself (Fluffy White Puppy Video)

I hope you'll indulge me for about 3 1/2 minutes...this video of an American Eskimo in Alaska brought back some awesome memories of my own pup, and it contains a few of my favorite things (fluffy white puppy, gorgeous snow capped mountains, pup in snow, a catchy tune, nice 'scrapbook' video format and more). Hope you enjoy it...

Love it!
May you smile for a long, long time my baby:)


You can also find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q76vrC58Ko
By TheAlaskanEskimo

Here are a few more photos of my little Eskie:


12 January 2014

Stormy Weather -- Must be Time for a Roadtrip

For most people, stormy weather means staying home and safe. But for us--or at least for my DH-- it means it must be the perfect time for a road trip in the mountains. a
And since I am DH's DW, and since I have been known to do a few (somewhat) semi-daring things in my life (like walking on frozen ponds and attempting to walk on semi frozen creeks), well off to the mountains we went. Fortunately we lucked out and our road trip was 'between' the two bad parts of our storm.

Here are a few photos from one part of our trip today.

On the hilltop -- upper Nehalem Valley
Well there we checked out the camping sites...
I can HARDLY wait till camping season begins--our RV looks SO lonely without company:)
DDD (in this case dear daughter dog) saying to herself--
"Are you crazy mom? There's a storm going on you know!".
And the photo missing here...
me with my long hair blowing straight UP because of the wind...
(we found out later they had issued a warning for cold funnel clouds
 in addition to the high wind warnings)

One of the lakes I love to visit when I am in need of seeing some ducks...
this used to be a millpond, but the city of Vernonia has turned it into a park with hiking trails and such. So peaceful here--on the Banks-Vernonia State Trail
(which also runs through a state park and over an old railroad trestle).
Here are some (sunnier) photos of the trail in the trestle area:
Of course there is ONE trestle you DON'T want to go over because it kind of ends halfway over.
I couldn't get a good photo of that one today...
but it is fascinating to see! It was damaged in the mid 1980s by a fire.
Here is an earlier photo of it from Highway 47 which travels under it.
You can't really see the destroyed section in this photo, but it would be to your left.
If you are driving through you can't miss it.
Wonder what they're thinking?
What do ducks think in stormy weather?
I love this photo for two reasons--
first, the one duck has the cutest backside (LOL)
and secondly,
what beautiful coloring on the brown duck!
 Don't you think so?

Well we've come to the end of another week and 'the end' of my tale!
Have a blessed Sunday. I hear we're going to have some sunnier weather later this week:)
Maybe time for another road trip???
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