22 September 2012

In the Footsteps of My Farmer Boy

When my wonderful hubby was younger,
he did some crazy things.
One of them was walking across railroad trestles...
something I would NOT ever advise anyone to do!
thought I,
what would that be like...
to be so high above the ground?
And of course,
being me,
I had to find out--
in a MUCH safer manner though :)
On the Banks-Vernonia State Trail,
Buxton Trestle.
700 glorious feet long,
80 wonderful feet high.

Here is a link to the Oregon State Parks brochure on this great trail:
and another to some Oregon State Park photos and information:
(if you scroll down the photos you'll come to a photo of the trestle from below)

Where have you hiked, gone horsebackriding or ridden your bike lately?
If I can, I want to do more outdoor activities this autumn--I find my endurance very low.



by Teresa said...

That looks like a nice bridge to walk over. My sister has a house at Fishhawk Lake up that way, maybe when I visit her lake house next I'll find that and walk it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Yes, I really liked it and would like to do more of the trail sometime. Pretty close to the trestle were 3 deer which made me quite happy:)

Originally I wanted to hike across another trestle, the Horseshoe, but decided not to when we got to the trailhead---found out, when we passed it, that it would have been a very hard landing had I done so (part of it is missing) :)

Fishhawk Lake is gorgeous from the photos I have seen of it in fall! Never been but can appreciate it!


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