05 July 2013

Morning Garden

This morning overcast skies and cooler weather greeted us--
and it felt SO good after all the hot weather we've had!
I am sure our plants were thankful too for the brief respite-
the roses and some other plants look pretty stressed right now...
of course that might have more to do with me not watering them
as much since my last BIG snake sighting:)
Aimee and snakes DO NOT get along.
My most recent plant purchase---
not a very good photo I am afraid
but this is one GORGEOUS  plant--
the pretty flowers look just like velvet--
I kid you not!
LOVE it!

Found the formerly 'missing' kiwi--
this year's crop will be smaller but we'll still have more than enough:)
One thing that is doing fabulous this year is our hydrangea--
it loves the extra light it is getting this year since a nearby willow was cut down.
Sadly, our lavender should have been harvested before this...
but wasn't because of the heat.
Aimee and heat don't get along either:(
Oh well...the bees are loving it...
and I even found two dragonflies on it this morn.
Aimee and bees
Aimee and dragonflies get along quite well:)
We grow mostly culinary lavender
(about 10 or so plants).
Last year I dried it by hanging small bunches of it under our kiwi arbor.
It dried perfectly and smells heavenly!
Hum--I wonder if heaven smells like lavender.

Roses...love, love roses!
this morning I caught a two-legged creature happily munching away on them;
I joined him :)
And with that I wish you adieu.
Hope you have a day filled with peace and joy!

01 July 2013

Short + Sweet

June 26, 2013 evening
My DH picks me a bowl of yummy, juicy, sweet homegrown marionberries to eat--
which I do:)
June 27, 2013 morning...
someone needs a healthy snack too.
No bowl needed.


I am always glad to trade some of our yummy Oregon berries for a few photos:)
And now it's time for me to get to watering and other tasks before the heat gets really bad.
Stay cool my friends, stay cool and safe.
Sad, sad day in Arizona.
May God be with those who have lost family members fighting the wildfires there.

30 June 2013

Chillin' at the Beach with the DH + Dear Daughter Dog

A too warm Friday led
to a too warm Saturday...
which then called for a just perfect trip to the beach,
A whole lot of other people it seemed had the same idea...
(totally normal when the temps go up in the valley)
but surprisingly we got 'front row' parking at a favorite stop,
(a rare find whenever the sun shines on a summer weekend at the coast)
we didn't encounter any coastal traffic jams
(a rare happening when the temps go up in the valley
and the sun is shining on a summer weekend at the coast)
(and this is a BIG 'and')
we actually spotted at least one motel with a vacancy sign.
Yep--big shockers I know:)

At the beach the temperature was perfection--
and I do mean perfection.
The sky was clear--
except for a very, very few little clouds quite a ways out to sea.
The surf was perfect
and so...

was the sand
and these footprints:)

The Farmer Boy was happy...
as was DDD.
In fact, the DDD was VERY happy...
and so was her mom-me!
And now the question is...
how will we cool down tomorrow?
 How are you staying cool?
Photos: central Oregon coast

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