30 June 2013

Chillin' at the Beach with the DH + Dear Daughter Dog

A too warm Friday led
to a too warm Saturday...
which then called for a just perfect trip to the beach,
A whole lot of other people it seemed had the same idea...
(totally normal when the temps go up in the valley)
but surprisingly we got 'front row' parking at a favorite stop,
(a rare find whenever the sun shines on a summer weekend at the coast)
we didn't encounter any coastal traffic jams
(a rare happening when the temps go up in the valley
and the sun is shining on a summer weekend at the coast)
(and this is a BIG 'and')
we actually spotted at least one motel with a vacancy sign.
Yep--big shockers I know:)

At the beach the temperature was perfection--
and I do mean perfection.
The sky was clear--
except for a very, very few little clouds quite a ways out to sea.
The surf was perfect
and so...

was the sand
and these footprints:)

The Farmer Boy was happy...
as was DDD.
In fact, the DDD was VERY happy...
and so was her mom-me!
And now the question is...
how will we cool down tomorrow?
 How are you staying cool?
Photos: central Oregon coast


moonstruckcreations said...

Looks like absolute perfection! What a great day you had.


Linda W. said...

Yes - the best place to be during this heat wave! Nice photos.

by Teresa said...

You are the going-est girl I know! :-) My mom would like you, she loved to go go go.. and I got that from her. We've got 2 AC units going to keep our house cool, but we're spending a lot of time on the deck under the gazebo next to the pond. Stay cool! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Hi Aimee,
We drive home from Portland to Spokane this afternoon and it was hit, ht, hot! I sure wish we could have joined you at the coast instead. Tomorrow I go to the lake where it is forecast to be 102F. Ack! Your beach time sounds lovely to me.

aimee said...

It truly was and gave us a good break from the heat:)
Have a great week!

Thanks! Most assuredly:)
Wishing you a good, good week-stay cool!

Yep, I am on the go a lot--usually once to twice a week! LOL--I got my love of travel from my mom too:)
I'm glad you guys are staying cool-we installed our window a/c yesterday and it was such a blessing to finally have a cool living area!
Your gazebo is wonderful--I am glad you are enjoying it so much:)
Stay cool also!

I wish you could have been able to make it to the beach too--but seeing your little grandblessing, I am sure, was a great joy to you!
Yikes--102! I hope you have a/c there!
Drive safe, stay cool:)

Willow said...

New England hasn't been too too bad. went had a short heat wave ... now mostly 80 's . Our air conditioner went kapoot last year . We are going to see if we can get by this year just with fans ...hmm will see.
I am greatful for the weather we have had all things considered.
Stay cool Aimee ...lovely beach .

aimee said...

We tried fans too but I am very sensitive to the heat as I had heat exhaustion several years ago. That is awesome that you have been able to be cool enough with just fans--hopefully you will continue to have temps in the 80's :)
Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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