28 June 2013

Celebrating Midsummer: Pt 2 (AKA -- At the Beach)

This actually was going to be post 3 of a series,
but since we're now into our heat wave
and since very soon I will feel like a wilted flower.
I am posting it today--
because looking at photos of the beach at least makes me feel cooler--
Stay cool my PNW friends...
cool and well hydrated!
No trip to the northern Oregon coast would be complete without some time at my favorite beach...
besides it seems like such a Scandinavian thing to do on Midsummer:)
Yes, the native grasses really are that tall!
First glimpse of the ocean...
I wonder if Lewis + Clark felt the excitement we still feel today?

A photo to the left over the field...
LOVE this area:)

Almost there...
hurry up grandma!
Hang on Papi!
Grandpas make great playmates....
and they make pretty good sand towers too!
Midsummer wildflowers at the beach...
SO much beauty!
Hope you are enjoying some beauty wherever you are today:)
Photos taken on Oregon's north coast.


Betsy said...

What a beautiful day at the beach Aimee! And a granddaughter along makes it perfect. :-). It IS warn today in Portland. I had Piper out for a walk this morning but we're hibernating inside right now in the A/C .
Ging to knit with Taci in a little while. Yippee!!

Terri said...

Oh this looks like a delightful place- sorry about your heat wave. We are at 100 torrid degrees today and I am already sick of summer.

aimee said...

It was:) I bet you are having so much fun with your little grandbaby...looking forward to seeing some photos of you both and of your time with Taci!
Keep as cool as possible! I am hoping that we put up the a/c soon too--I am really sensitive to heat since a bad episode with heat sickness years ago.

aimee said...

Oh Terri--you have it even worse than we do. I am SO sorry...I hope you have a/c in your home so at least you have a cool place to retreat to. My kids are all sweltering too---two of them live in the south as you do.

Willow said...

Such a beautiful spot Aimee. The weather just cooled off here today .Hope you get some releif soon. Glad you put up following so I can find you regularly now . Not sure why the pic didn't pop up in followers , but I am there ~ I guess I am one of the faceless crew lol

aimee said...

Thank you--I truly love the Oregon coast-especially the northern section:) I am SO glad you are getting some relief from the heat!
TY for following me--I apologize for not doing it earlier :)
PS: Weird about the picture but I knew it was you.

aimee said...

The heat must be getting to me...what I meant to say is I apologize for not adding the follower gadget earlier to make it easier on those what wanted to use it.

by Teresa said...

That looks like a fun hike through the grasses to the ocean.. I don't recognize that place. I'm so glad we have two window AC units.. we're cool as cucumbers right now.. after I got overheated today working before my guests arrived. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

It was--truly it is one of the reasons I love that beach so much! It amazes me that I never knew about the beach until about a year ago and now it's my favorite!
Please, please be careful with this heat Teresa--I had heat exhaustion before and it can just sneak up on you before you know it. Fortunately my hubby had some emergency training and knew just what to do:)
PS: That is SO cool about the falls--I never knew that:)

Linda W. said...

Nice photos! I was just at the beach yesterday with my brother and his family. My three little nephews had a great time building sandcastles. Keep cool in this hot weather!

aimee said...

Thanks! How fun and you chose a great day to visit the beach:)
You keep cool also!

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